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Sep 6, 2007 06:39 AM

Tawny Thick Cut Marmalade

About 7 years ago my sister came back from England with an amazing pot of marmalade for me. It was dark brown, full of giant chunks of peel, and had the most incredible flavour. As I recall the ingredients were just oranges and sugar. I used to stand beside the open fridge door with a spoon in my mouth and just savour a spoonful or two, it was so incredible. Or I would spread it on some Commisso's Italian whole wheat toast with butter.

I do not think it was Wilkin's, as I recall the label was not like that. Does anybody have an idea of what brand it could be or where I might find such incredible ambrosia again? Willing to order online if necc.


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    1. re: MMRuth

      Yes I think so, even if it's not the description "vintage marmalade" seems to bring up exactly what I'm looking for online. Any ideas on where to get it in Toronto?

      1. re: celestica

        Not off hand I'm afraid - I'm in NY - though used to live in TO years ago. Though - have you tried the Whole Foods - there's one in Hazelton Lanes, right? Good luck!

    2. sounds yummy did you check the marks & spencers website..they have an amazing cherry confit that you cant get anywhere else either. Sometimes loblaws carries the thick cut marmelades...check them out.

      1. I found out the best way to get a WOW out of eating marmalade was to make it myself, when the Seville oranges come out, (January, I think). I got the recipe in the newspaper, but can be found online too.Takes a little effort, but it is worth it!

        1. The original comment has been removed