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Sep 6, 2007 06:08 AM

Italian Pork Store in White Plains Vicinity [Moved from Manhattan board]

Looking for a quality Italian Pork Store/Import store in the White Plains NY vicinity. Any suggestions?

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  1. I go to The Pork Store on Willett Ave. in Port Chester for pork and to Cosmo and Alex (I used to go to Mercurio but A&S replaced them and their customer service is non-existent) on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck for all things Italian.

    Of course, you can't match Arthur Ave. with any store in Westchester, but the above ain't bad.

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    1. re: dolores


      Is the Pork Store in PC a real "pork store", in the Calabria/Faccio's/the mythical Statriale's of Sopranos vein, ie., store made salumi, great imported italian cold-cuts, and a limited selection of complementary Italian specialties, or is it more of a butcher shop, with store made sausage, and not really specializing in the above. I'd love to be able to occasionally save myself the trip down to Arthur Ave...

      1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

        No, sorry to mislead, but The Pork Store in PC is (I think) Polish in origin. It has THE best wursts and various other pork products I've had outside of making the trip to the pork store on Route 52 in Fishkill. Simply amazing.

        As for Italian pork products, I'm happy with Cosmo and Alex. I 'think' they make their own sausage on site, at least they have told me they do. Now, according to Mr. dolores, whose father made his own sausage but has since passed on, Cosmo and Alex's sausage is a close second.

        I am happy with the cheese and the Italian products there -- they do have the San Marzano crushed tomatoes and Fontanella and Tileggio (Italian ladies were buying these cheeses, I've not yet bought them) cheeses, and they also have a darned good chicoli (how DO you spell that?) bread. They also own the bakery next door.

        AND, they actually wait on you, unlike A&S.

        1. re: dolores

          Thanks for the info....C&A sounds interesting, but driving to Mamaroneck from Darien puts me so close to the "might as well go all the way to Arthur Ave" line, I don't know if I'd make the special trip....but if I find myself in the neighborhood....

          Thanks again.

          1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

            ChefBoy - if you're looking for incredible (and I do mean that) cold cuts, not necessarily Italian, go to Warsaw Deli in Stamford. SO GOOD! They have all kinds of salami, as well as specialty Polish goods. Everything is fresh and there are a couple of people there who speak English who will be able to help you. For the Italian stuff, there is an A&S pork store in Norwalk on Route 123 (New Canaan Ave.) in the strip center that has Brooks drug store. They are actually very nice there.

            1. re: divamon


              I'll give them both a try. Where is Warsaw Deli located in STMFD?

              1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                149 Main St. If you get off 95 at the exit for 137 and go north, it's 4 blocks and then you have to turn left. You might have to go a little farther up and make a u-turn, since I'm not sure you can make a left there. Not hard to find once you know where it is, just hard to describe. It's worth the trip. They have wonderful pickles and home baked pastries. I also find it useful for finding different kinds of flour that I need to make Czech stuff and for spices that come in bulk that I would otherwise have to pay ridiculous prices for at Stop & Shop.

                1. re: divamon


                  PS, what's the deal on A&S? If you google them, you find a bunch of stores in LI, in NJ, etc, but they seem to all be independent. In CT, there is one in Norwalk, one in Stamford, and one in Bridgeport. The one in NJ says the founder opened stores all over, including 2 in CT (not 3), but doesn't link to any others.

                  It looks a bit like a "Ray's Pizza" deal, where once, one time, there was a Ray's, then the original expanded, maybe spinning off stores, then some imitators pop up (Famous Rays, Origianl Rays, Famous Original Rays, etc.), and that there is no longer a realtionship between them.

                  Any idea?

                  1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                    From what I was told, they are a franchise. I was at the one in Ossining and they were just okay.

                    However, since I loved Mercurio in Mamaroneck, I gave A&S two tries when they took over there. One of the counter men left (he retired, they said) and both times I stood at the counter where someone usually waited on me for Italian goods while someone else waited on those who were in line for sandwiches.

                    Both times I was ignored. Neither time was I even greeted by the new owner.

                    That was it for me.

                    So, if you want what Mercurio has and be treated as a customer should, head for Cosmo and Alex, just down the block.

                    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                      They are all over the place, but I think most of them are independently owned. The best one that I've been to is in Croton on Hudson in Westchester. John the owner is incredible and has stuff that the one in Norwalk doesn't (including Vacherin - an amazing french cheese that he always gets in around Thanksgiving). He has if for about $10 for the wooden box, whereas the cheese shop in Darien (which is the only other place that I've found it) sells it for $17-$20. He also has lots of home made Italian goodies. Don't go in there hungry - you'll spend a fortune! His arancini alone are worth the trip! The other A&S that I think is good is in lower westchester - in Valhalla. Really nice selection and much bigger than Croton (but I still prefer Croton!)

                      1. re: divamon

                        There's a good one in Thornwood, in the ShopRite shopping center. And very nice people there, too.

                        1. re: spa

                          that's the one I meant - I couldn't remember the name of the town!

                      2. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                        jfood has been to the norwalk and stamford a&s and likes the stamford better. they have great sausage.

                        another good sausage is up route 7 in norwalk/wilton line at zeytinia. same strip mall as borders and outback. jood uses there meats all the time and the sausage is fantastic and they couldn't be nicer. there produce is also great.

              2. re: dolores

                i think it's cicoli. I think I'll have to make a big Italian feast to night in honor of our dear Pavarotti. :(

                1. re: southernitalian

                  You're no doubt correct. It's delicious, for sure.

                  He would appreciate that.

                2. re: dolores

                  Is the Pork Store good for, say, shoulder cuts, or pork belly, that sort of thing (cuts that might be harder to find elsewhere) - and also, any idea if you'd need to pre-order? I just moved to Greenwich and I'm looking for the closest place to get cuts like that (for sausage making, home curing, etc), and not too sure where to begin.

                  1. re: adam

                    Adam - I have found that the best place to find those cuts is at the Shop Rite in Norwalk. There is a huge ethnic population up there and that store caters to them. There is also a store in Stamford that I believe is called Buon Giorno that might help you out with that stuff. Greenwich will be strictly white bread. There are a bunch of ethnic butchers in Port Chester , which is very close, that could also supply you with what you're looking for.

                    1. re: divamon

                      Dean the butcher will hook you up at Shop Rite in NWK! OR Tab, at Commerce Park STMFD location!

                      1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

                        Thanks - at Shop Rite is ordering ahead generally necessary, or should I be ok just showing up?

                        1. re: adam

                          Shop Rite is pretty comprehensive....when I've wanted a pork shoulder, I just go get one. I've seen pig skin, chicken feet, and all sorts of "nasty bits" (as Bourdain would call them) in the case. Plus duck, rabbit, buffalo, venison, etc, so unless it is something truly weird, they probably have it.

                    2. re: adam

                      from one adam to another.... :)

                      the pork store in PC has whole pork belly, but you usually need to order it ahead.

                      The Big relatively new Shop Rite in Stamford (near Exit 6) is very good and the guys behind the meat counter are quite intelligent about meat (a rarity these days). If the Norwalk SR can get pork belly, then the Stamford one could too and that will be much closer to you if you are in Greenwich.

                      But give the Pork Store in PC a try. I've gotten pork belly from them.

                      Another option, if you want higher end pork (like Niman Ranch, etc.). Go to Crisfield's Meats in Rye (on Purchase St.). You may need to order a day in advance, but they are a true butcher store. Smart people and reasonable prices considering (cheaper than whole foods, for much better quality).

                      Crisfield's Market
                      61 Purchase St, Rye, NY 10580

                      Shop Rite
                      1990 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

                      Pork Store
                      359 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

              3. There will be an italian speciality store opening on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains on the corner of Mitchell Place(one block from the City Center) sometime in the next month. We heard they will be carrying meats, cheeses, pastries and breads from suppliers on Arthur Avenue. Hopefully they will be carrying quality items so we can save on trips to Arthur Avenue.