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Sep 6, 2007 06:04 AM

Stuffed peppers

Another post on stuffed cabbage got me thinking about stuffed peppers as well. Planning to go to a farmer's market Saturday and buy some large green peppers for stuffing. Any recipes you would like to share? We usually do meat based, but vegetarian might be a nice change of pace. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not in a position to find and post the recipe soon, unfortunately, but my mom found a really nice stuffed pepper recipe with a slightly custardy filling loaded with corn and jalapenos. It worked best in smallish peppers that would stand on their bottoms - you cut off the tops but left them whole, and filled them that way.

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      Wow! That sounds great. I think I'll try to recreate it from what you've posted. Thanks.

    2. I like red/orange/yellow peppers (generally but also) for stuffing.

      In the past I've done ground turkey, rice, parsley, shredded cheese, onion. You could do lentils instead of ground meat - yum!

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        I just made Giada's Orzo Stuffed Peppers (recipe is on I added some chicken sausage to the mix to make it more substantial. We really liked them.

      2. Turks make the best stuffed peppers as far as I'm concerned. Either with or without lamb, the seasoning is simple, yet interesting enough to command attention.

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          JungMann, I am intrigued by your comment. Never heard of Turkish stuffed peppers. Love lamb! Have a recipe you can share? Thanks!

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            Paula Wolfert has some good stuffed pepper recipes and one is from Turkey. It's a non-meat recipe with rice, pine nuts, currants, tomatoes, mint, spices (allspice, cinnamon, hot pepper, oregano, cumin). It's in her Mediterranean Cooking book.

            Claudia Roden (in A Book of Middle Eastern Food) has a couple of pages of stuffings for sweet peppers.

            In Roden's Book of Jewish Food, she has a recipe for Hungarian stuffed peppers with tomatoes, rice, beef and paprika. She also has an Indian one with chicken, ginger, garlic, rice, lemon, sugar, turmeric, mint and pepper; a Spanish one with halumi cheese , garlic and tomato stuffing; and another Spanish one with onions, garlic, SHORT grain rice, raisins, pine nuts, tomato, mint, dill and lemon.

            I'll paraphrase any of these recipes if anybody's interested.

          2. My mom stuffed peppers with scalloped corn - cream-style corn with cracker crumbs and seasonings, topped with buttered crumbs and baked until the peppers were soft and the topping nice and crunchy. This was a wartime (WW2) meatless dish - probably came from a magazine or government pamphlet - but we both liked it. That's what I was having for lunch the day the church-bells next door started ringing, to announce that the war was over.

            JungMann, I want your recipe, too. Is it lamb and rice, like what you'd stuff in grape leaves?

            1. I thought Turks were known for their stuffed peppers. Their recipe is similar to most recipes I've had except the seasoning is outstanding -- the dill is the difference, I think. has a good recipe, though I would use lamb (not beef) and also add about 1/2 tsp. allspice and 2 Tbsp. toasted pine nuts. There are also vegetarian version with similar seasonings, but currants subbed for meat.