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Trio at The Four Seasons

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Has anyone been there yet? I was thinking of taking my wife there this weekend but I wanted to get some info before I went.

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  1. I ate there last weekend with a few friends. We took a tour of the menu and the wine list. Our sommelier was really well-informed, and I think the food was fantastic. I can't say I've really had a better meal in Austin. The color of the room is a bit much, but all-in-all, we loved it. I think it would make a nice date spot for you and your wife.

    1. Have the squid a la plancha and the olive oil-poached halibut with celery puree.....just a suggestion!

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        The chef is super talented. I can't wait to go.

      2. Had the foie gras trio as a 1st course a week after the restaurant opened; it was very underwhelming, and the menu is probably better off without it.

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          Can you tell me about the rest of your meal? Was the experience worth the $$$

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            I gave it a second chance this past weekend. To start with, I have to say the ambiance is much better in the wine room and will ask to be seated there from now on. As for dinner, I stayed away from the shrimp trio I had last time, as it was bland and unremarkable, especially the shrimp chevice and wonton shrimp (whose outer fried layer simply "fell off"). The beef trio 2/3 good, meaning the ragu was good; the oxtail was okay (but shortribs would have been far better and less fatty); and the wagyu steak was pretty pathetic, as it was about 2 oz of sliced tenderloin that wasn't that great qualty of a cut (rubbery) and wasn't cooked properly. For my second visit, I had the crab fondue, which was okay--but it had too much cream and not enough crabmeat in it. Then I had the pork schnitzel, which was on the old menu and is still very good. I also had a side of corn brulee which was great, it was sweet and salty at the same time and paired well with the scnitzel

        2. Went there last night. Sat at the bar, had some apps and did some wine tasting. Overall, I liked it. I think I liked it more than any high-end restaurant I've been to in Austin, except maybe Uchi. I walked away feeling I could go back, order pretty much anything and get at least a good meal. It was not all great, but no dissapoinments (unlike most of my high-end experiences here in Austin).

          Tomato- Watermellon Salad: Ordered under duress due to seasonality of the main ingredients. But, it was solid. It had a scoop of avacado-basil mouse on top and it worked. Well balanced from an acid level standpoint. Fruit was good. Would have been better two months ago, I'm sure.

          Crab Fondue - Would usually never order this. Expected to hate it and did not. It was full of crab which I'll call high quality frozen lump meat. The sauce was good, not too much of a floury bechamel which often sinks this sort of dish. I was told it had cheese in it (I'm against cheese and seafood, philosopically speaking), but it was mild and creamy and worked - especially with the Chardonnay tasting (another thing I generally don't 'do', but decided to step out of my box).

          Side Order Gnocchi - I always order gnocchi with trepedation. I was pleasantly surprised. They were indeed soft as pillows, roasted to finish and sprinkled with some gorgonzola. It would have been more succesful with the cheese melted and 'creamed' a bit, but I learned to take just a bit of cheese with each piece.

          'Bacon and Egg' - Essentially three cubes of pork belly with a whole 'fried' egg in panko. Now, it was the shape of boiled egg, with the panko coating. It appears to have been magically peeled raw, covered in panko and flash fried to keep the yolk runny. We figured out how they did it and asked and were proven correct. Go eat one and figure it out. If like this sort of thing, you'll be glad you did. The pork is on a bit of a sweetish reduction, the egg on a lightly dressed pile of frisee. Apparently they serve it for breakfast too.I'll be back for that dish in the morning...

          The service was good, but they make it hard at the bar. They have no running water, but the bar tender has to leave the bar to get water. Not good. The door is a sliding door and is slow to open and close. Also sometimes a runner brought the food, but other times the bartender had to walk it all the way around (they don't/won't pass you food from behind the bar).

          All in all, I'll be back and feel good knowing I can run in there and grab a few bites at the bar in 'safety'.

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            Thanks, AustinBear. Very interesting and descriptive review.

          2. Is it just me or doesn't anyone else find their prices to be a bit steep for Austin,Texas? You are looking at 50 for the entree (with two sides) then if you get an appetizer and desert plus even a glass of wine, then how much is that? I don't know because they do not put their prices on their website. If this place were Charlie Trotters, Keller, or Alice Waters, I might spring for it. But this is Austin,, Texas by a chef that is really unproven. WTF?