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Sep 6, 2007 02:57 AM

Seeking Paris 14th arr. restaurant recommendations

i will be staying at marriott rive gauche sun sept 23 for 3 days.Would desire recommendations in the 30-100 euro range per person without liquor.Any desirable tasting menus of note?Any place you recommend for lunch or dinner that are open on sunday?Thank you in advance.

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  1. A group of us ate dinner at La Cagouille back in January. A seafood bistro. Food and service were great. I highly recommend. They are open every day of the year. They have a good web site.

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    1. A number of chow hounders recommend Le Petit Marguery in the 14th as well. But we ate there in January as well and had a horrible meal. They had changed owners not too long before so not sure if that affected our meal or not. Not sure if we were just there on an off night (a Friday night) but I can't recommend. It was the worst meal we had during almost three weeks in France eating out every lunch and dinner. La Cagouille was one of the best.

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        That's great to hear...we plan to go to La Cagouille in December. I am just wondering - has anyone else had had a bad experience at Le Petit Marguery recently?