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Tres Leches at Portos???

Have any of you tried the Tres Leches at Portos? What do you think? Is there somewhere that it's better? I need to bring dessert to a Mexican themed potluck and am not up to cooking... any take-out ideas?

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  1. Hi,

    I've had the Tres Leches at Portos along with pretty much everything else they make. It's pretty good and definitely worth bringing to the potluck. I've had better Tres Leches but it's usually homemade or when I'm in Mexico. The other thing is that Portos has built such a "legendary" reputation (not sure if it's that warranted) that if you tell people you got it from Portos, most people walk away satisfied.

    1. A couple of months ago, we had the tres leches cake at MILK (7290 Beverly Blvd., LA). It was extremely rich and far better than I have had elsewhere, but I was glad to share it! It was also very pretty and would look great on any table.

      1. I have had pretty much everything at Portos and agree that their reputation is a bit "inflated". Their cakes are pretty good, but way too sweet.

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          just ate at valley portos tonight..hadn't been for ages..potato balls, sw steak salad and
          guava cheese pastry were all fabulous...my two clients loved their cuban sandwiches too...staff were warm and helpful..just wish they'd stay open later!


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            Really? Their cuban sandwiches aren't that great. I only get their potato balls and I dip them in green tabasco. Their meat pies are over-hyped as well. I've never had their dessert but their smoothies are disgusting. I don't see what the big deal is. Yes, they have a large selection and the cakes look beautiful. Ah, I never go out of my way for Portos but if I'm in the neighborhood a couple Papa Rellenos are a nice treat sometimes. PS. my boyfriend is cuban and doesn't really care for Portos either. Their croquettes do not compare to his grandmama's

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              The thing is, Porto's is a bakery. They specialise in pastries. They don't specialise in croquettes, they don't specialise in smoothies. They offer them, yes, and theoretically everything someone offers should be good, but saying that Porto's isn't very good because their croquettes are bad is like saying that Morton's isn't good because you don't like their fish.

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            I agree. I definitely have had better (and cheaper) cakes elsewhere. They sure are purty, tho.

          3. Odd as this is gonna sound, I had a great slice of Tres Leches from the Pavilions at Melrose and Vine... anyone else had their cakes? The Colossal Chocolate (big rich slice cake with like seven layers sandwiched with rich filling and dark chocolate top frosting), the Mocha Caramel, and Raspberry Cream are great too in addition to that Tres Leches.

            1. I recommend this hole in the wall place called Pasteleria Miriams. It's an amazing find in a not so great area. They make the best tres leches i've ever tasted. Prices are amazing and they do a variety of decorations.

              1274 N. Lake, 626-797-4948

              1. My favorite two places for Tres LEches are:

                Vallarta Supermarkets. Don't laugh, it's darn good. They also have a fabulous selection of otehr sweet things and desserts. but those cookies dilled with globs of frosting have been repelling and attracting me.

                My Cakes Bakery on Kester in Van Nuys. Looks like it's not open to the public, but it is! South of Oxnard on the east side of the street.

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                  Heavy second on Vallarta... you may laugh, but it's the best tres leches in the city.

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                    Thank goodness, I was worried people would laugh at me for saying so.

                    I also like the pan dulce, the chocolate cakes, the quesadilla (not the cheesy tortilla, a quesadilla can also be a sweet corn bun thing) and more!

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                      I never liked tres leches until I followed Das Ubergeek's recommendation to try Vallarta's. It's absolutely awesome. You can also buy it by the sheet, which would be perfect for the potluck. (I suspect it is much cheaper than at Porto's.)

                      I will have to try My Cakes. I must ride my bike past it every few days, but I've never noticed it before.

                    2. I think the tres leches is passable from porto's. I've had better. If you're gonna get dessert from portos go for the pina colada or mango mousse. Imo those are their 2 most unique and flavorful desserts.

                      1. the Jons market in the valley has delicious tres leches cake. super moist/'juicy'.

                        1. Just an fyi...Porto's is Cuban not Mexican.

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                            Yup, but they make Tres Leches - which I believe is popular in both Mexico and Cuba (along with quite a few other countries in Latin America).

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                              Yes, but the OP was looking for other Mexican items as they were going to a Mexican themed pot luck.

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                                Well... it was my original post, and I was looking for advice on primarily Tres Leches from Portos, really cause I didn't know where else to get it, now thanks to everyone I have quite a few options. Now I'm also thinking about possibly flan as well - do you have any suggestions that are mexican in theme?

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                                  Good Flan at Vallarta, too. Also, get a big bag of the pan dulce, those sugar covered rolls in all the shapes. Like a buck for two at Vallarta.