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Sep 5, 2007 08:10 PM

Best cocktails in the city? I am looking for some new bars/cocktail lounges that have really amazing drinks. I have been to Pegu Club and East Side Company and both have great ones. Any other places in the city you can recommend? I am thinking about trying Flatiron Lounge this weekend- how are the drinks/prices?

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  1. ok, not "the city" per se, but i would consider dressler in brooklyn. the ride over the williamsburg bridge is scenic whether by cab, train, or foot, and the cocktails are expertly done. the list is short (<10) but they're as good as pegu's (only two regular bartenders, and both have been around for a good while) and the restaurant's design and arty-but-not-overly-trendy scene are alone worth the trip. as is the $5 side order of onion rings.

    1. Part of the East Side Company, Little Branch on Seventh ave is really great. You can describe what you like and they make it for you.

      1. To me, nothing says a cocktail than the Campbell Apartment at Grand Central Station.
        It's not new but such a classic...Love this place!

        1. I go to Bar 89 (89 mercer street) every time I am in New York. They make the best drinks there. They are not cheap, around 12/14$ per drink but they are incredible. I never had a better cosmo than the ones they make there. They can't be beat. I had them in Montreal and in a couple of places in NY and no one beats Bar 89!

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            I totally agree with Bar 89. My GF loves the cosmos, I love the Greygoose Martinis, plus some great burgers, wings and sandwiches. Also, the Gold Mojito at the Mercer Kitchen is delicious. We also like the Library Bar and Outdoor Patio at Hudson Hotel.

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              The caipirinhas and the nachos are incredible! Their salsa is homemade and has coriander in it. It has lots of cheese also!

          2. I love the Flatiron Lounge and go there often. It's a great place to get either a special drink (they have some very unique and tasty cocktails on the menu) or just a standard cocktail or beer. I'm a fan of the "Jamaican Firefly" which is more commonly known as a Dark & Stormy. I was quite impressed when they told me that they brew their own ginger beer! I highly recommend you check it out either this weekend or sometime in the near future. Enjoy!

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              +1 for Flatiron Lounge. The have a huge array of ingredients (solid and liquid, including the aforementioned homemade ginger beer) and their house cocktails are very creative. It's expensive, of course.

              Also, I once had a delicious Dark & Stormy at Botanica, which I think is on Houston.