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Sep 5, 2007 07:53 PM

Trip Report 8/30-9/2

What a fantastic weekend. Still stunned by the wonderful food we ate this trip. Here is an abbreviated outline.


Lunch at Acme:

Had the chargrilled oysters to begin, and we ate every last one. The oysters are chargrilled in the shell with butter garlic sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. They taste so similar to escargot. Wonderful!! Gumbo and po-boys were very good, as usual.

Dinner at Dick & Jenny’s:

We went late (after 9:00) so there wasn't any wait. Mango crab soup was delicious, watercress salad, I had lamb chops and sweetbreads and my SO had Beef Whittington. Both were delicious and prepare perfectly. Our waitress was an absolute character who made our dinner even that much more fun. Crème Brulee was ooh so good.


Lunch at Napoleon House:

Best bowl of gumbo I had the entire trip. It was literally perfection...the best gumbo I've had in New Orleans. I had a beef po-boy, SO had Italian sausage po-boy. Both were good, but the gumbo blew me away. Also, the drinks at Napoleon House were really exceptional.

Dinner at Brigtsen's:

This was the dinner I looked forward to the most, and it was ruined by some loud mouth at the table next to us. He insisted on monopolizing conversation to the point that we couldn’t hear ourselves talk without raising our voices. I was irate by the time he left and the waitresses apologized as they knew he ruined our evening. SO ate his flounder and mashed potatoes, and did appreciate it, but he was wanted to just scream, "SHUT UP!!!"
I couldn't eat because I wanted to throw my food at the moron at the table next to us. All we heard about was his "interview" with Arnie, and yes, he referred to him as Arnie. He was making an effort to let the whole restaurant know he was important. If we'd try to talk, he'd literally get louder. I was stunned when Frank came out to give him a hug...he should have tossed him out the door, as he ruined the evening of nearly everyone seated around him....oh well, better luck next time.


From now on just think Cafe Adelaide:

Wow oh wow! First of all, thanks to Hungry Celeste, as she recommended this place. We stopped there for lunch after going to the WWII museum (which was really moving). We arrived around 2:30 and sat in the bar with very limited menu. We ordered drinks and nearly half the menu. Everything from the drinks to nearly every entree was just nothing short of incredible. We thoroughly enjoyed a duck confit rolled into deep fried balls that was dipped into a foie gras fondue...SO is still talking about it today. The gumbo was the only disappointment...had a sweetness to it that I didn't care for at all. We stayed in the bar munching and watching college football for about 3 hours, and it was the most enjoyable stop of the trip. Next time Cafe Adelaide is a definite dinner stop.

Dinner at Galatoire's:

Had a wonderful and overly indulgent dinner. We told our waiter it was our 10th wedding anniversary, and we were interested in just having a great time. So, he prepared an appetizer platter with crab salad, shrimp remoulade, bbq shrimp and bacon wrapped deep fried oysters...oh yeah! We enjoyed every bite. Turtle soup was as good as I remembered, and honestly I don't remember what we ordered for dinner, as we were so full at that point we just gave up after a few bites. Dessert wasn't even an option.

Sunday we skipped brunch, as we were still full from the day before. We made one last run to acme for oysters and gumbo before we caught our plane.

What a terrific time we had. I always find myself tearful when we leave, and this trip was no exception. Thank you NOLA for being NOLA!

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  1. I haven't eaten the fried duck confit balls....will have to try them for sure.

    1. I had to check the dates of your visit to Brigtsen's, as our party was a bit noisy, when we dined there, albeit earlier in the month, than did you - WHEW! I hate loud restaurants, and loud parties in them, and tried to keep the lid on my group, but with two tables, we were not the quietest of diners there.

      Thanks for the reviews,


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        My friend and I were at Brigtsen's that same Friday night, and I'm please to say the loudmouth wasn't either of us!! (We were very peaceful at a 2-top in the corner.). Actually, I didn't hear the table to which you refer (we were there from about 8:30 to 10 and perhaps seated in a different room) but the tables are rather close there, so I can easily imagine your experience. Enjoyed reading your reviews!