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Sep 5, 2007 07:47 PM

Coconut Ice Cream

I live in Arlington and can only find Coconut Ice Cream at Marble Slab. It's great, but has someone had it somewhere else? I can't find it at grocery stores, either, unless mine just doesn't carry it.

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  1. Have you checked Whole Foods or Central Market?

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    1. re: foodie06

      All the Pacuigo locations have a good coconut gelato.

      1. re: irodguy

        You might also try a place like Fiesta or Carnival - someplace that caters to the hispanic population. If you're open to something lighter, Haagen-dazs makes a coconut sorbet that is available at most stores.

        On a side note - the homemade coconut ice cream at Royal Thai in Dallas is amazing, if you ever get a chance to try it. There's some unusual fruit (at least to me) that they put in it that makes it out of this world.

    2. Talenti makes a good coconut gelato. I used to find it several places (after they closed their Dallas store) but now the only place I can buy it is Whole Foods. I've not checked Central Market, however....

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      1. re: queenie

        They do indeed make a good coconut gelato ish.. ice cream. Theirs has lots of cream in it compared to gelato that is basically a custard. Whatever it is it's pretty tasty.

      2. Come up to NE Tarrant and visit Milwaukee Joe's ice cream. Almond Joy (coconut w/ chocolate chips and almonds) is one of their regular flavors, and they also occasionally do Triple Coconut as a flavor of the day.!

        1. Henry's in Plano makes a phenomenal coconut ice cream.

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              Here's the link for Henry's. I've never been but have heard rave reviews. I know they supply ice cream for many restaurants.


          1. May sound silly, but, go to Wal-Mart and in the ice cream section Dreyer (I think) makes those fruit flavors on a stick. Well, there's a coconut one that's pretty good. Very Coconutty.