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Sep 5, 2007 07:33 PM

Ate at Takami last night

My husband and I have been wanting to try Takami ever since reading about it in the downtown news and we finally went last night.
Wow. Our jaws fell to the floor when we got out of the elevator on the 21st floor- the view is absolutely incredible. I mean, really breathtaking... At that point it did not matter to me what the rest of the night would be like- if the food was terrible I don't think I would have minded a bit- the view alone was that great. The good news was- the food was not terrible- in fact it was all quite good. We sat outside (last night was a gorgeous night) at a very cozy table. (I would say we had the best seat in the house, but the way the restaurant is laid out, every table has a great view..)
The restaurant/menu is set up in 3 parts- the sushi bar, the robata grill (which lets you build your own skewers..) and then a specialty/fusion option.. We of course had to try it all- so we ordered:
Takami edamame (edamame cooked in butter, garlic and soy sauce) which was very yummy- but a bit decadent/heavy.
Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice- exactly how it sounds- also very good. I liked the fact that they were very small bite size pieces. I think there were 9(?) pieces on the plate- my husband and I both remarked on how much food it was.
For sushi we did a lobster wrap (from the specialty dish menu) halibut, albacore and yellowtail and also a couple of rolls. It was all very fresh and well dressed. We were impressed with all of the sushi.
We also ordered a few skewers- steak, chicken, veggie. All good.
The drinks were also very fun- we tried a few and especially liked the White Rose martini (white rose tea, vodka, garnished with a rose petal) and the Momotaro (made with peach vodka, serrano chili, and lime juice) which had some serious kick!
For dessert- yube(?) panna cotta- very refreshing. I think you can never go wrong with panna cotta.
Totally recommend Takami for a special occasion restaurant! Can't wait for an excuse to go back. :)

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  1. OK, if I might be so tasteless as to ask: this set you back how much?

    r. "me mither's name was McFarlin" gould-saltman

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    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

      About $200. We totally splurged and had a ton of food, several drinks and dessert though so you could definitely do it for a lot less. (The drinks were pretty expensive- I think $12 and up..)

      1. re: chowpug

        I found the prices at Takami to be ridiculously expensive. The skewers are anywhere from $4 (vegetable) to $18 (steak/foie) and you get one, short skewer for those prices. The toro sushi (2 pieces) is $27 at lunch and a whopping $46 at dinner. And it isn't very good - sloppy and small. I like the view as well but this the food is way too pricey for what it is - mediocre.

        Clare K.

        1. re: Clare K


          those toro prices are obscene. i had an invite to eat there and flat out refused assuming it was going to be like that but never guessed it would be that ballsy in the price dept...

          1. re: Clare K

            And Clare K, la Virbila agrees with you as well.
            The view is fine to fabulous, but go for a drink and appetizer.
            More deets here, based on her 8/30/07 review: