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Sep 5, 2007 07:22 PM

Food for birthday party in the park?

My first time hosting a birthday party at park for about 20 six year olds and most of their parents. I've only come up with the basics like hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit salad,and baked beans,rice krispie treats and finger jello. I probably won't have much time to cook because of all the running around I'll need to do. Has anyone survived one of these, what did you serve? Looking for foods that won't spoil from the heat. Thanks for any party ideas.

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  1. Pizza is always a great fallback strategy. Most kids love pizza and will eat it hot or cold, and you don't have to worry about food poisoning issues. The only problem I see is if any of these kids has dietary restrictions, i.e., dairy, vegetarian/vegan, "it's not healthy" maniac parents.

    Fried chicken/chicken strips is also popular. This hits on alot of Bart Simpson's food pyramid. Fat, salt, meat.

    Anything like cheese, wontons or teriyaki chicken also works well too. I would suggest going to a big box store, like Costco, and cruising their deli and frozen food sections for appetizers and other food items that they have in bulk. You'd probably be able to piece together the majority of your food needs there.