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Sep 5, 2007 07:20 PM

Top Chef - who misses Trey?

Just sat down to watch Top Chef, and i lost my desire. Trey was the best chef. Who is everyone rooting for now?????

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  1. while trey seemed like a nice guy, i don't think his food was all that spectacular. let's break down what he's made this season -

    apple and brioche bread pudding - failure

    gorgonzola crusted beef tloin, smoked fingerlings - failure the first time, mediocre at best the second

    seared sea scallop - well received, successful first course

    bacon wrapped shrimp - was a hit

    black truffle linguine w/ tomato confit and grilled chicken - this was from the frozen foods challenge, was generally well received, but not the best

    prawns with lobster ceviche - i thoought it looked nice

    seared beef tloin, mushroom risotto cake - not a huge hit, not a huge failure, middle of the road

    roast chicken cordon bleu - see above

    peach glazed bbq salmon - was one of the judges' least favorites, not very good.

    it's not like the guy had a perfect batting average. plus on the challenge where he was eliminated he made some absolutely terrible dishes not listed above (the ones above are his 'highlights' i found on the bravotv website). Tre seemed like a really cool guy and everything, but he's not the best chef on this season by any stretch of the imagination.

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    1. re: batdown

      While I generally agree with you, you forget the ostrich filet with abalone and risotto. That dish sounded amazing, and it was pretty surprising that nothing he did after that seemed to be at the same level.

      1. re: kenito799

        i also remember the judges not being a fan of the abalone he made. this could be wrong however. I just dont htink that tre's efforts, in the aggregate, really measured up to what, say, sara or hung has done.

        something i've noticed about hung: he almost always screws the pooch in the quickfire, but almost always brings it in the elimination challenges. his effort in the last episode was phoned in, but i doubt it tasted bad. he was a low man in latin lunch - but that was mostly because of lack of inspiration, not flavor (and we know hung has creativity), and the other time, it was basically joey's fault. i think dale could make an insirational late run as well.

        1. re: batdown

          Tre won the elimination challenge with that ostrich-abalone, it was the first episode. I think the judges liked it.

          I agree about Hung, he gets too crazy on the quickfires, then swings back too conservatively on the eliminations. But the strategy works, because he is unlikely to be sent home for a well-executed but boring dish, at least at this stage. He came close with the arroz con pollo, because it wasn't that good...but nobody said his chicken was dry, like Casey's, so i believe that a level of cooking skill was there. I am really looking forward to seeing how he does with Bourdain as a judge again--remember how he nailed that geoduck/black chicken dish in episode 1.

          1. re: kenito799

            Hung seriously has seemed to run out of steam. I thought on the cruise appetizer episode, he'd do something beautiful, exotic, Asian, but yuk.

            1. re: april164

              I think Hung's viability in this contest hinges on what the challenges are. The more boring the challenge, the less he puts into it. But I think he still has it in him to turn out something amazing if they get an interesting challenge... though to me, this season seems to have had fewer really interesting challenges than the prior two -- what happened to the snack machine amuse, the beach grill breakfast, the 7 deadly sins type challenges?

      2. re: batdown

        I agree--I thought at first he was a cinch to win, but his food was not as good as his image. He looked the part, but looks don't feed the bulldog!

        1. re: batdown

          You forgot the grits with shrimp he did for the midnight elimination challenge.

          1. re: Phaedrus

            And who can forget the whole conjugal visit thing? Yuck.

            1. re: Phaedrus

              i thought i mentioned it with the bacon-wrapped shrimp...and in effect i did, because it was the same dish with grits added. im sure those were great, but to be a top chef, you've got to be good at making different types of food. i feel like tre can only really soar in his southern comfort zone if you will (and he sometimes stumbles in that arena - bread pudding he can make 'in his sleep'). when he tried to branch out into for-real haute cuisine, he just doesnt know what's going on.

              1. re: batdown

                what you really seemed to forget was the awful smoked salmon that was "the worst thing" ted allen "had tasted in a long time". i liked tre but he did have some failings...

                1. re: AMFM

                  that's exactly what i mean. when tre tried to do something high-end and unfamiliar, he showed that his instincts were just all wrong. that's why i was surprised by the huge backlash when he was let go. Even though I think Howie should have been knocked off on restaurant wars more than Tre.

                  Also, did anyone else get tricked by the editing? The editing has really tipped who is going to go in previous shows - and on this one I thought casey was a GONER. There was that little segment at the beginning about how proud she is to be one of the last women on the show and then when they did her 'talking head' shots, she looked like she had tears in her eyes. considering these are recorded after the elimination, i thought she was going for sure, and actually got a little mad at bravo for being so obvious. but, lo and behold, she actually WINS it! pretty crazy. next episode looks like a treat - the return of bourdain! i hope he rips into someone for real.

                  1. re: batdown

                    I thought Brian was going to be the goner. My theory is anyone who opens up about their family, etc in that epi is the one gone.

          2. I don't. I didn't find his food that exciting and he got rather haughty at times "I can do this in my sleep". And I was put off by him hanging out on the patio when the other restaurant team was discussing their new menu and he came back in and basically told his team that they didn't have to worry since Team Garage was doing another heavy menu.

            I've actually grown to like Sara somewhat, but I have to say, there's no one person who's been particularly consistent with good dishes. It seems so off and on, hit and miss with all of them.

            1. Isn't his name spelled Tre? But to answer your question, yea I do miss him. We all thought he was going to win or make it to the top. Right now, the only people left that I like are Hung and Casey. Sara is growing on me with her sudden surge of great cooking/leading but I used to dislike her a lot so it'll take a lot for her to get back in my good graces. She'll probably make it to the top though...

              1. Sara is growing on me too. I think that Dale might make a late power surge. I don't miss Tre, and Casey (although I did like her appetizer and she did win) and CJ have seemed to be skating by.............. can't wait for Bourdain next week!

                1. I miss Tre, but I found him to be very inconsistent- first challenge- winner, second challenge, part of the bottom 3. Same goes with every other challenge. When he wins, it's gold, but when he does mediocre, it usually lands him in the bottom.

                  I'm looking at Sara and Dale to step it up for the top 3. Casey, CJ, and Brian don't really impress me too much, and i'm 50/50 on Hung. I love him one minute (ex- his quickfire challenge on the last episode) and then want to punch in the face the next (his arrogance).