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Sep 5, 2007 06:44 PM

So the girlfriend didn't like seafood for 4 yrs., now she has come around...somewhat. [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Somehow she's managed to come around and enjoy some seafood. On vacation she had a snapper and a king fish that she liked, most recently she had scallops and catfish which she liked. So, my question is...what other types of fish would be considered lighter, or "non-fishy" if you will. She can't do shrimp or say tuna fish in a can. It's too fishy. The slightest taste of fish will turn her away. I know fish is supposed to be fresh and not smell like fish, but the bottom line is some seafood tastes like the sea, in such a way that those who aren't big fans consider it fishy. So, what other fish should I pick up for her to try and how should I prepare them for her. Thank You
PS. Even crab is too fishy

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  1. Tilapia is always a good call. it's a very mild white fish and holds up when you cook it. Rachel Ray has a bunch of good 30 minute meals with Tilapia.

    I think that Halibut is a good choice too; as well and Sea Bass.

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      Some others are grouper, tile fish & pollock. I would be hesitant on the mahi-mahi mentioned, it has a stronger flavor than the seafood she has enjoyed. Salmon would be a little iffy too, Bluefish, mackerel & swordfish are all fairly strong too. On the whole let color guide you. If it is a white fleshed fish it will generally be mild, once in a while a "medium" flavor. Congrats! My BF recently discovered that he likes fish & has been having a wonderful time exploring new varieties.

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        This is pretty much the advice I would give. Especially the grouper rec. Grouper is a very nice mild fish that makes incredible po' boys.

        One other thing that is important. The older fish gets, the more of a fishy taste it has. Try and get as fresh as you can.


    2. I'm not a fan of fishy fish either and agree with Strephking that Tilapia and halibut are good mild fish. I use Tilapia quite a bit for myself as it's inexpensive with a good firm texture.

      Does she find fresh tuna steaks offensive as well as the tuna in a can? I find good fresh tuna steaks to be good and not fishy but stronger than say Tilapia.

      Generally I find fresh water (tilapia is fresh water) white fish are good.

      Some other suggestions:

      Mahi Mahi
      "Chilean Sea Bass" is actually Patagonia toothfish, they're nice and mild but overfished.
      Orange Roughy is also a firm white fish with a mild taste but also over fished. (and might be too fishy for your gf, though I think it's within most people's "fishy" limits)

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        My husband hates "fishy fish" also, and this is a guy born, raised and still lives in Boston!!!! He loves haddock, cod and flounder, all mild tasting. After I got him to taste and love the aforementioned, we moved on to lobster, which is pretty mild all by itself, then clams. My suggestion would be to cook them as plain as you can without too many other ingredients (baked, broiled and/or fried) and let her be convinced that these fish taste good all by themselves, then move on to fancier preparations.

      2. As a non-fishy fish person myself (though I like crab-stuffed opah), I concur with halibut, sole, and cod, as well as tilapia. Can't stand salmon or whitefish. Has she done albacore sashimi (so different than canned tuna...)? I might try opah, mahi mahi as suggested, swordfish (since it has a meaty texture), lobster (claw). I'd also consider using blackening seasoning, something simple but highly flavorful and that will combmat fishyness well.

        1. Thanks for the ideas thus far. She doesn't do sashimi or sushi no matter what, she doesn't like salmon either. She also hasn't liked any tuna steaks that I've ordered out, probably because I order them med. rare. So there it is a textural thing above all. I will stop by the fish market tomorrow to give some of the others a whirl.

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            My kids cut their "fish" teeth on flounder and sole sauteed in butter, olive oil and a little lemon. As toddlers, they loved the sweet, non-oily flavor and it made it easy to progress to other mild white fish like haddock, cod and halibut fillet. They now enjoy all things from the sea.

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              That was our #1 baby food! Both my daughters lived on it from about 9-18 months (not exclusively, and with the addition of capers and parsley). They love it to this day. Some people thought it was nuts; I'm glad to see I wasn't alone.

              PS, for the original poster--how bout skate--the poor man's crab, sauteed as above?

          2. You might want to try shark. It's very meaty and not overly fishy if you get it nice and fresh. It's got the texture of tender pork. Outstanding for kabobs.


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              I agree 100% with shark and will add swordfish. For folks who grew up not eating fish, like me, texture is a big stumbling block as well as flavor. But grilled swordfish is closer in texture to a grilled steak than other fish.

              Congratulations to the OP on your success so far. It took me along time to turn around to where I love seafood, since I come from a family with a seafood aversion. But it is possible, it does take years, and it very much worth the effort.