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Sep 5, 2007 06:26 PM

Mpls - Birchwood Cafe recommendations

Okay, I am finally going back to Birchwood Cafe for dinner and I hear they have a really good pastry chef too. Any recommendations for food items to order? My pet peeve with Birchwood has been busing my own table (when I go out to eat, it's special and I don't want to have to work it) and the loudness factor!

Everyone seems to love this place and I want to love it dinner options?

Thank you.

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  1. Every week is you can't really recommend one particular dish. I've had a great waffle & a great veggie sandwich + deli salad & some crazy good chocolate cake (and I don't like chocolate cake) and gingerbread ice cream I'll never forget.

    Check their website & order what suits you best. The desserts aren't on there, though.. gotta go early enough to get what's left. If nothing else, they have Izzy's ice cream, so that'll be good.

    1. Just go with what sounds good at the moment. Chances are that it will be the best thing on the menu for the month.

      The salads are usually good, anything with pork or bacon is yummy, and the vegetarian entrees are usually great. And the desserts are divine - I especially love the key lime pie and the carrot cake.

      And now for the best news: the staff now bus the tables! But it's still loud - go on a nice day and eat outside on the marvelous all-non-smoking patio.


      Birchwood Cafe
      3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

      1. Anne and Reannd are right -- the menu changes regularly, so there are no standing recommendations.

        So one question might be, what kind of food are you hoping for that will temper your reaction to the non-food factors (noise and clearing the table)? It is what it is, you know?

        1. I went last week and had a mushroom risotto that was phenomenal. I see that they have a sweet corn risotto this week, which I imagine will be just as good.

          My dining companion had a soup/sandwich combo and loved it. She also recommended doing the Deli Sampler to try three different kinds of salad.

          1. Had a *fabulous* dinner tonight at the Birchwood! My sweetie and I both had the salmon special, which involved some sort of mustard greens, fancy wild mushrooms, figs and mashed turnips and potatoes. Every single item was excellent and the entire entree was only $13!

            I generally really love their entrees and find them to be an excellent value. Also, they have an excellent bread baker. I've found the desserts to be inconsistent recently, clumsy mistakes like putting disgusting amounts of icing on cakes and not making good pastry crusts. They now serve Izzy's ice cream.

            Oh, and yes, it was loud.