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Sep 5, 2007 06:13 PM

Restaurants in Aruba???

I'm going on vacation to Aruba next month, will be in the Palm Beach area at the Hyatt. Anyone have restaurant recommendations?

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  1. Madame Janette's
    Que Pasa
    Black Hog Tavern for BBQ and park for the kids
    Jamaican Me Crazy
    King Rib (local BBQ)
    Cuba's Cooking for music and Mojitos

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    1. re: phelana

      We thought Jamaican Me Crazy was pretty bad when we went in July. They were out of just about everything, and it felt a bit sketchy. I think I ended up with some kind of Jerk Pork that was unpleasantly lean and chewy. Nice sauce, though.

      We had an excellent meal at Le Dôme. Perfect wine service, grade-A French food. On the other hand, it was fairly expensive. And, you know, you can get really good French food in NYC. But it's the sort of place I would have gone to again even if it WERE in NYC. Your call.

      Along similar lines, Aruban resorts have access to really good South American (especially Argentinian) beef. The 24-ounce Dry-Aged Rib-Eye at Pago Pago (in the Westin) is one of the best steaks I've had in a while. At the urgings of a couple we met at the hotel, we also went to Texas de Brazil, a churrascaria downtown, and the meat quality was very, very good. But it's a churrascaria...

      All in all, I found that Aruba wasn't a huge foodie destination. Except for Le Dôme, it's more about quality ingredients than nuanced handling. But within those constraints, we ate rather well.

      Have fun!

      1. re: wittlejosh

        Check out and for restaurant reviews. Some of my favorites (we've been going for 11 years for 3 weeks each year and eat out every night) are Chalet Suisse, Mirandi (go at sunset), Azurro at Playa Linda (also a good sunset place), Texas de Brazil, El Gaucho (don't go late or you'll regret it - go around 6:30 and then go across the street to El Garufa for an after dinner drink/dessert/coffee or whatever and some good jazz). We don't go to Le Dome for various reasons. Papiamento (leisurely meal but good), etc. etc. As I mentioned, you'll see reviews and discussions on those two websites.

    2. We really enjoyed the Flying Fishbone. The food is good and the setting right on the beach can't be beat. You can actually get a table with the water lapping at your feet.

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      1. re: sheron

        texas de brazil
        flying fishbone
        aruba destiny (off the beaten path)
        cuba's cookin (lunch)
        linda's pancakes (giant dutch pancakes-more like crepes)

        1. re: bloomer

          Bloomer, where is /what is Aruba Destiny and where is Linda's? We sometimes go to Aruba for the weekend so it will be good to know