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Feb 23, 2006 06:26 PM


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Hello all...I read a posting from a few months back about where in the bay area we could find paczki, but I didn't see if anyone found them. Any information?My grandma won't send them to me from Detroit anymore!

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  1. emporio rulli in larkspur bomboloni frittelle castagnoli bugie and zeppole march 19

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    1. re: golosone

      Probably the best donut in the Bay Area ... mark your calendars ... but not close to a paczki.

      There was a recent thread that the Polish meat store on Geary will make them to order, but you have to order a lot.

      Maybe give Chopin in Walnut Creek and see if they will make them to order? They do catering.

      Other than that, nothing new from your last post. Maybe someone will catch this and have a new idea.

      If you are looking for something for Fat Tuesday, you might consider some Portuguese donuts, even then you would need to go to SJ. Popular bakery makes something called bismarks which are sort of like a custard filled paczki ... but not REAALY.

      1. re: rworange

        And there are TWO places - some imported from Chicago & others ... ta dah ... HOME MADE.

        Out of this four years I've reported on Chowhound, this could be my best find.

        So, like I figure maybe I'll give the Polish deli in Concord, Delikateski, a call. Well, they had them flown in ... YESTERDAY ... from Chicago. Seems like there is something called Fat Thursday that I've never heard of before.

        However, they will be flying them in again with arrival due either next Friday or Saturday.

        So, while I'm looking up the address I come accross this site about HOME MADE packzi at a Polish SF Church THIS SUNDAY !!!.

        They also mention that they will be selling packzi from local commericial bakers. That's worth showing up for just to find out who the heck they are.

        Happy lent ... heh.


        1. re: rworange

          Oops. Forgot the address

          1984 Monument Blvd. Concord
          (925) 825-7417

          If calling, be sure to talk to the manager. I lucked out and he answered my first phone call. When I called back to double-check about the date, the woman who answered said, no they never sold paczki and it was only after alot ... A LOT ... of insisting that someone just told me they did, then she called the manager.

          Last night I thought I'd check out the Bay Area Polish Churches and actually didn't find that info about the SF Church until today as I was looking up the deli address.

          However, I did find this link that has links to all sorts of info about the donuts. There is even a link to the Paczki support group. Unfortunately, these are folks who have access to paczki and are trying to resist eating them. Sigh ... and grrrr.

          Paczek (POHN-check) or paczki (PUNCH-key or POONCH-key) are said to contain anywhere from 400 to over 700 calories. Originally during the Catholic lent season, shortening, eggs, sugar, oil and anything basically edible or worth living for was forbidden. So the Poles needed to do something with all that lard before it went bad ... so donuts fried in lard ... sprinkled with sugar ... filled with jelly.

          I should dig out my mom's old recipe in response to that post on the recipe board. Actually it was my grandmothers recipe and the original frying oil was lard. My mom used Crisco. Yeah, I'll give up Crisco for lent this year. Not hard since it's been a decade since I bought any.

          Oh yeah, if you come across a number for the Paczki hot line (an 800 number). It doesn't seem to be currently working.


          1. re: rworange

            Holey Moley,
            God bless you rworange. This is right in my neighborhood. And I'm hosting a wine tasting on Sunday so this will be a perfect post-tasting treat. I've placed my preorder - I'm so happy.

            Although, I suspect that I'll have to hide them from my husband who is on a serious diet.

            1. re: Pssst

              I don't think ... sob ... I'll be going because of the diet ... if you think of it, could you see or ask about the commercial bakers who make paczki.

              I don't know about the ones being flown in from Chicago, since they are donuts, after all, and freshness is key unless you are Hostess.

              However, in a paczki search on the web I came across the info they can be frozen, sprinkled with water and then heated in the oven and supposedly taste fine.

              Well, at least next year when hopefully I'm less donut shaped, I know some sources.

              Looking forward to your report so I can have my virtual fix.