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Sep 5, 2007 05:58 PM

help need a restaurant for my bday next week

I am getting a few friends and family together to celebrate my bday.

The issue is it falls within film festival week and on a friday night i have tentatively set aside so all can join rather than midweek.

I like minimalist interiors and zen inspired with fusion menus, but, I dont like crammed seating or loud spots.

Group of 12-15 would like to be able to mingle lounge side if avail at restaurant and some friends to join later post dinner for drinks.

Like fusion menus, too bad doku 15 closed, any one know anything about kultura on king east or colborne lane, their menus seem interesting as well as the interior.

Downtown, or leslieville or the Dani preferred.
any insight welcomed...


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  1. Food at Colborne Lane is much better than Kultura but price is double.

    But seems Kultura is something for your taste since you like Doku 15. They are similar in price and atmosphere. Foodwise Kultura is a bit better (but not much) than Doku in my opinion.

    Cheers !

    1. For my wife's birthday last week, seven of us went to Tomi-Kro. Everyone loved the food. We had various tapas to start, and a main course each. (plus desert).

      We also all had a drink before dinner and a drink or two with dinner, and the bill was just under $500 before tip. That was a very reasonable price for what we had. I'm surprised that T-K is not mentioned more often, it deserves a few more write-ups. I've been busy this week and not able to write about our dinner there.

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        I was thinking about mentioning the same place.... the food is great and the atmosphere is unique.