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Sep 5, 2007 05:27 PM

Casa Filipina Bakeshop (phx)

A neighbor Filipino bakery. It is at the SW corner of 43rd Ave and Thunderbird. Fresh bake pan de sal, Bibingka and other Filipino sweets. It also has a small menu that changes daily. I bought a bibingka with ube and coconut. It was very, very good.

It is small place, it has 4 bar tables. But it very bright and clean. Very friendly lady at the counter. I went there after lunch today, can wait to go back there for lunch later this week.

Has anyone been there before?

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  1. SW corner of 35th Ave and Tbird it looks like.

    Believe me, anyone looking for good food on the SW corner of 43rd and Tbird will be highly disappointed. ;-)

    Casa Filipina Bakeshop
    3531 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

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      Thanks, my mistake. You are absolutely right it is at 35th ave and thunderbird.

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        Such is my bad luck that another Filipino place opens up and it's so far from me!! Guess I'll have to make the trek sooner or later... Maybe I can make a day of it... Casa Filipina for brunch and Osha Thai for dinner! Anyone care to join me one Thursday or Friday soon?

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          Well, if you're in the Southeast Valley, I just saw a "coming soon" sign for Manila Bakery next to Lee Lee Market!

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              We just drove past Ciudad De Manila Filipino Restaurant at 3929 E. Main St., Suite 16 in Mesa. Don't know anything about it yet but it might be another option if you live near the area.

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            may I suggest Chanpen for Thai on the corner of 51st/tbird? Great curry!

      2. Has anyone tried any products from this Filipino bakery? I miss fresh-baked pan-de-sal! Please, someone report back! What are some of the must-haves? Thanks!

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          We were there for lunch a few weeks ago. I had curry chicken and my husband had mechado. They are tasty and the portions are good for a single person (one scoop of rice, no sides). They were home cook quality. A little greasy than I prefer, but it is better than the takeout place on 28th Ave and Bell. The lunch menu is very small, about 5 items and changes daily. There is no price listed on the board, I thought that was strange.

          pan de sal and pan de coco are good but Bibingka with ube is the best. I will go there for the bibingka for sure.

          1. re: aquablue

            Thanks for the review, aquablue! :) I do miss good, non-greasy Filipino food. I wish more owners/cooks would cook with less grease... many non-Filipinos think that Filipino cuisine is horrible bec. of all the examples they've had to try. But I believe it's bec. Filipino cuisine hasn't found its niche, yet, so owners/cooks are left with having to prepare the foods with more fat so that they're able to survive the buffet set-up. I used to love Chandler's Lumpia Factory when the previous owner ran it with a conscience: she only used the buffet set-up during the weekends when she offered the Filipino brunch spread. During the week, she actually cooked to order. The result: non-greasy delicious dishes!! She sold the restaurant bec. she was not equipped to do all the work herself.

            I hope to visit Casa Filipina Bakeshop soon. I haven't had fresh-baked pan de sal in ages!! Those desserts sound divine; too bad I choose to stay away from sugar... although I am unsuccessful sometimes... I LOVE bibingka with ube... I love ube! But then again, I love sweet! Someday, I'm going to have to choose between staying slim and staying healthy or getting fat and letting my health go... No- that's an easy decision to make right now... Stay healthy!