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Sep 5, 2007 05:26 PM

Best Pre-Ground Coffee

Hey, so I know everybody's going to hate this, but I want to buy some pre-ground supermarket coffee that has as deep and rich a flavor as you can get given those restrictions. I go for quality foods in most areas, I'm just not that much of a coffee person, so I don't really intend on investing in a grinder, a french press, an espresso set-up, anything like that. Just got an old percolator and want to get some coffee to use with it.

So, what I'm looking for is a deep taste without being too bitter, something that goes well with breakfast meats, or like beef-and-beans type meals. So like, doesn't have to be smooth and like none of that latte stuff, something as dark as it could be without getting too acidic (yeah I know fresh-ground would be better for all that). The picture on that brand with the picture of the guy and his mule (Juan Valdez?) leads me to believe that that is the kind of coffee I want, but I know looks can be deceiving. Is there anything ya'll recommend?

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  1. I'm not sure why you want to use a percolator -- a drip coffee machine is only about $10 at Target, a drip cone and filters even less than that at the supermarket, and either one will make much better coffee than a percolator.
    I like Cafe Bustelo which is Cuban-style coffee made in Miami. Depending on where you live, some supermarkets carry it, sometimes in the Hispanic section. I even found it in Rhode Island. I get it at my local Mexican market where it is really cheap compared to other coffees.

    1. I recommend Melita Tradition or Melita Colombian Extra Fine Grind (fine for the percolator). Also very good: Lavazza in blu (not just any Lavazza).

      1. Yuban.

        French Press is $15 at Ikea.
        Camping drip pots can be gotten for $10 or less and will be on sale now that camping season is over.

        1. Try Illy Cafe Medium Roast- delicious, bold, full bodied, not bitter at all. enjoy fb

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            I like the Illy Espresso Dark Roast - ditto on the bold, full bodied and not bitter!

          2. Thanks. I'll check to see which one my neighborhood supermarkets (in NY) carry, but I'm pretty sure I saw Yuban at least, and Illy.

            The percolator is just because I already have one, but I think I might be able to get a drip machine free so knowing there's a taste difference helps.