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Sep 5, 2007 05:25 PM

been to Cha Da Thai in Pasadena?

Brand new sister restaurant to Chandra on Arroyo Pkwy. Heard about it from a coworker who says it's really good. I was surprised I couldn't find any info on the boards about it yet! I thought you all would know about it first.

Has anyone been there? What's the verdict?

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  1. Thai and Sushi? what the..
    Looks like they took over some of the menu from the bad Japanese restaurant that was in that location before (Manna?).

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    1. re: slacker

      Let's hope they have better chairs, and own their own parking lot hehe. Just kidding. Not about the chairs. :-)

    2. I ate lunch there purely for the curiousity factor, and don't recommend this place. As slacker has mentioned, the menu is having an identity crisis of sorts, and (wait for it....) pad thai isn't even one of the lunch specials. I can't remember what I ordered, but I do remember giving it a C+ and the *only* thing that made it even half-way worth while was that everything was 20% off during the grand opening.

      Try it if you must, but once was enough for me.

      1. Interesting. Never heard of it.
        They have some of the items that Chandra does well but for some odd reason, no Larb (which is what they do best). Pad Thai is not on the lunch special at most Thai restaurants (at least the ones I go to) even though this is not something Chandra does well - I wish it were on the lunch menu at PresidenTwo where they do it very well. The yellow curry is good as is the Tom Yum and Mint Leaf Chicken. I wonder if the sushi is any good.
        Interesting tid-bit: the owner of Saladang & Song used to be the cook at Chandra.

        1. my coworkers and i went there for lunch today. as we were waiting for our food, another table up and left because the waitress forgot to put their order into the kitchen, and this was about 20 minutes into their wait apparently. we figured it didn't look good for us -- we were right. it took about 30 minutes for our food (is there just one chef?), and the most unnerving part was when my coworker's food came (he ordered a noodle soup), there was a long black hair sticking out of the soup. we called for the waitress, who came over and saw the hair, stuck her hand into the noodle soup and pulled it out. after the horrified look on my coworker's face, she then asked, "oh, do you want another one?" it was all very awkward. the other dishes weren't bad, it's just the service that we found really lacking. we're probably not going to go back.

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          1. re: mpiedlourde

            Hmmm, interesting, good to know. The service at Chandra has always been hit and miss (I can't tell you how many times 2-3 employees were over at the counter ignoring everyone in the place when I've been there.) But I used to have better luck with the food at least. Since the original post above, hubbie and I went back to Chandra, and ordered several things we've had before, none of which were worth a darn, and not like we'd had before.

            I always took the leftovers home, but not on this recent visit. Now it sounds like sister restaurant is no better.

            1. re: MaryT

              You may be confusing Chandra on Arroyo Parkway with this new on the OP is talking about - Cha Da

              1. re: WildSwede

                Actually, I was referring to comments about comparing the two. Since they are the same owners from my understanding. In other words, people are having a bad experience at the new place, and the old place was far from perfect and seemingly deteriorating. I should have been more clear. See last sentence in my post -- I meant Cha Da being "sister restaurant".

                It's too bad, we could use another, better, Thai restaurant in this area in my opinion.

                1. re: MaryT

                  Got it, thanks for the clarification! I have not heard anything about them being the same owners - thanks for that, too!
                  Yeah, Chandra is my absolute favorite in the area, but I have nixed them from my list so I do not go there anymore. PresidenTwo does a good job as a replacement (although they have nothing on Chandra for their chicken Larb or Tom Yum) . However, PT's Chili with Basil and Pad Thai is much better and their service is great (the waitresses already know what I am going to order - go in at least once a week) so it has one up on Chandra in that department as well.

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    We usually want to order wine; we used to go to President on Rosemead before it remodeled once in a while. I've only been twice since it reopened without great luck.

                    The soup and salad came 20 minutes after the entrees the first visit, and the service was just horrid both visits. When we gently complained we would have liked the entrees after, the waitress told us "Asians don't care" what order the food comes when, so if we wanted the soup and salad first, we should have specified it up front.

                    Also, the small and large orders of the soups are now almost the same price (around 8 and 10 bucks). Is the one at 950 Colorado that way too? I've only been there once since they don't have beer and wine.

                    Maybe I should give them another try.

                    I used to go to Chandra once or twice a month, but no more. Food has changed for the worse as I mentioned, and service still sucks.

                    1. re: MaryT

                      I have not been to the location on Rosemead, so I am unable to comment on that one.
                      On the to go menu that I have for the Colorado location, the soups range from $6.95-13.95 (Poa-Tak (mess of seafood soup). However, I recall seeing on the menu in the restaurant that they have a small and large size, but this menu only shows what I believe to be the large prices. I know I have ordered a small sized Tom Yum and paid something around $5 for it.
                      Sounds to me like the Rosemead location is more pricey (and maybe a little more fancy??). The Colorado one is just tables and chairs. Nothing fancy, although the service has always been great. We have always gotten our soup/salad before the main meal so that has never been a problemo.
                      Your saying that you did not get things in order made me think to when I was taking my driving trip through the Midwest a few years ago and I learned that I had to specify that I wanted my soup/salad/app BEFORE the main meal. So odd to me to need to state that - which I always thought was the norm!! ;-)

                      1. re: WildSwede

                        It sounds like the menu at 950 Col is like the old menu at the Rosemead location then. The new remodeled decor is kind of nice, but a bit of a home brew design wise, it took forever, I cannot remember honestly how long it was closed but it seems like around 2 years.

                        I will check out the Colorado one again sometime.

                        Re the course order, it seems more and more places bring your entree when you're not half done with your salad, soup, appetizer, but I do eat slow too. If the salad is a separate course, not part of the meal, I will order it first and hold the menu to order the next course, which works nicely for me, because usually I like to dawdle over a meal.

                        That's funny about the Midwest, I didn't know that.

                        1. re: MaryT

                          Yeah, that usually happens to me during lunch. They cook food so darned fast that it comes flying out!! Same as when I go for Vietnamese. I am just biting into my Spring Rolls and smack here comes my Pho!! ;-)

                        2. re: WildSwede

                          I like the Rosemead location President for the wider seafood menu, for my friend who can't eat meat.

              2. re: mpiedlourde

                ick! gag
                Maybe I'll wait a year, check back with the 'hounds and see if it's gotten better.

              3. I had dinner there on 10/18/07. Food and service were excellent. The atmosphere was really comfortable. I look forward to visiting the place again soon.