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Sep 5, 2007 04:53 PM

party room in ne mpls for 30th birthday?

my nephew is planning a 30th b'day party for his wife in a couple weeks and would like it to be in the ne mpls area. he wants a fun, lively place and would like a separate party room or space for 1-the elders (parents, aunts, uncles - we're quite a crew )and 2- later-the friends who enjoy partying. he figures a space that holds about 30 people would work.
he's considered elsie's bowling, maybe erte, the times.....would any of you smart chowhounds have other suggestions? doesn't necessarily have to be northeast - just an area that's somewhat central. thanks!

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  1. How many people will actually be eating dinner and how many will be joining later for drinks? (30 total?) Is there a price range per entree or cuisine preference (bar food vs new american)?

    Possible options without this info: Erte (private room holds maybe 15), Elsie's (comparitively good bar food, bowling), Nyes (terrible food IMO, but a party for all ages, very busy on weekends), Times/Jitters, Picossa (where Sophia used to be), Jax (not a good spot for a louder party, but it will fit the people), NE Bulldog is a great bet in my opinion as it will fit the people and is someplace young and old do congregate and they have a large room in back that can be used and which can be kept relatively quiet. Mac's could as well, but it is more of a local than a place for dinner (though they do serve food). I'd suggest Psycho Suzy's, but it is rather loud, however the wings and sandwhiches are passable, and some people really like the pizza. Whiteys won't fit a large number of people for dinner unfortunately.

    Good luck!

    1. The Sample Room would be great - if, that is, they have a party room.

      They have great food, a wonderful bar, and do a good job of straddling the division between hipness and traditional comfort food. Great location, too. They're listed on as doing parties and banquets, but they might just rent out the entire restaurant (it's small). Give 'em a call to check on the details.
      (but note that none of the links work - for more info, see or or )


      Sample Room
      2124 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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        Sample Room unfortunately does not have a party or private room. What you see is what you get when you walk in. They do have a small patio, that if empty, could double as another "room", though it only fits maybe 15 people standing.

      2. i think at this time bulldog ne might be a best bet although the food is not all that, unfortunately. but it is a pleasing space & the back area would suit a large group. although depending on the family, elsie's might be really fun!

        i don't suppose the red stag will be open before the event?

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          I recently went to a 40th birthday party at Nye's (party room) that met all the criteria you outline. Except. They charged $30 a head for the buffet (brought into the party room) and the host strong-armed us all into buying in, as the price came off the $1,000 mandatory eating and drinking fee.

          It was horrible. I'd like to reiterate that. Iceberg lettuce salad, mushy "roasted" potatoes and bland chicken and white fish that looked like blobs of skin. Worse than Old Country Buffet, worse than a hospital cafeteria.

          But, again, met all the criteria (including bar with bartender) other than that.