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Dr. Frank?

My boyfriend is from up state NY and raves about Dr. Frank wines, particularly Semi-dry Reisling. There's only one distributor in MA and it's quite far. Any feedback? Worth the drive?

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  1. Its a longish drive from Boston, but the scenery by the lake Keuka is wonderful - make a weekend of it and stay in a B&B - we love the Fingerlakes area and Dr. Frank has the best wine.

    Check it out.

    1. Dr. Konstantin Frank was one of the great, original pioneers of V. vinifera in upstate New York. The winery started in 1962, and has continued long after his death in 1985. His son Willi now runs things.

      Rieslings have always been the strength of the winery's portfolio.

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        Agree on the Riesling comment. However, I recall hearing that Willi passed away about a year ago (but haven't confirmed this). If still alive he would be in his mid-80's by now, so either way his involvement has pretty much passed.

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          Willi's son now runs things. Willi did pass away last year.

        2. I have had that particular wine and it is very enjoyable. I would say take the trip, there are worse ways to spend a day !

          1. We fell in love with both their Reisling and Gewurztraminer. For sure it's worth the trip as there are many other nice wineries in the area. We've done the wine trails on both Lake Keuka and Lake Seneca. This link can give you a sense of other places to visit, places to stay, etc. You won't be driving from MA for just one winery. (Sorry, is my enthusiasm showing?!)


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            1. We've also had this wine (though not visited the winery). The wine is lovely and given Frank's position as one of the first to plant in the region, I'd make a trip if I were in the area.

              1. My wife and I visited the winery years ago when Dr. Frank was still alive, and he personally introduced us to his wines. They were wonderful then, and if his successors are upholding his standards, they should be wonderful still.

                And the Finger Lakes are always a nice place to visit.

                1. I can't advise on your time or anything. But it is genuinely a good wine. My favorite Riesling from the area and comperable in quality to anything in its price range coming from Germany or elsewhere.

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                    The Rieslings from Hermann Wiemer are very good as well. I think they may be slightly more expensive though.

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                      I agree they are good, too. I just slightly prefer the Frank. I think the basic Wiemers are *slightly* more expensive, but about the same.

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                        Wiemer and Frank are probably the most respected and well known producers of FL rieslings but that shouldn't stop you from trying some of the others. Wiemer and Frank have raised their prices substantially in the last year. Their rieslings are running $20 or more per bottle, while many decent producers are still in the $12 to $15 range (upstate NY prices).

                        There has been a shortage of grapes since about the 2004 vintage (partly due to extensive vine damage caused by a cold snap in winter 2003-04) so the Wiemer and Frank rieslings have sold out very fast in recent years. Presumably they are taking advantage of this by jacking their prices, but I hope it doesn't wind up alienating their long time customers (like me) who know which competitors are a better buy.

                        From the current vintage (2006), the Hosmer and Silver Thread dry rieslings stood out and the off dry wines from Standing Stone and Lamoreaux Landing were very tasty. All can be had for less than $15.

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                          Standing Stone and Lamoreaux Landing are top producers, and make some VERY delicious wines. I've also enjoyed the Rieslings from Fox Run, FWIW.

                  2. We live in the Finger lakes area and we've tried all the wines here.
                    We're Bully Hill parital but the Dr. Frank Esperence Sparking wine is is one of our favorites.
                    We're not champagne partial but this sparkling had us buying the stuff by the case.
                    Try it and see if you like it.
                    Wine is jsut a matter of "you like it or you don't".
                    What I like may be just disgusting to you and vice-versa.
                    Good luck finding what YOU like.!