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Elite Chocolate with Pop Rocks

Anyone know where I can find Elite Israeli chocolate? I've seen it some places but I'm looking for the chocolate with pop rocks in particular. I'm in the Chicago area and don't have anyone in Israel at the moment to ship it to me!

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  1. Please let me know if you find them... I'm interested in purchasing them ASAP online or in the Rockville, MD area. -- Thank you!

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      there is something similar made by dale and thomas-

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        i have got one over ebay.com i just search (elite poping chocolate 250grams )
        send w fast and no extra chrge for shipping
        just go to ebay.co and search for (elite poping chocolate 250grams )
        and you are done .....

      2. Is there still a Hungarian Kosher Supermarket in Chicago (4020 Oakton, Skokie, IL 60076
        847-674-8008 per Google)? They might have it. Thank you.

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          Yes Hungarian's is still there - I would also suggest Garden Fresh - Northbrook they have a large assortment of Israeli products -

          Garden Fresh Market
          275 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL

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            Unfortunately, I've looked for the chocolate at BOTH Garden Fresh and Hungarian and neither have the pop rocks variety! They do have Elite chocolate but only a couple different flavors. I definitely thought that would be a good place to go too. Thanks for trying!

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              two other spots to try if you have not tried these spots - new york kosher on devon or the jewel on howard

        2. I'm in Toronto, but was in LA over the weekend, and thus far haven't been able to find these chocolate bars in either city. I'm led to believe that these chocolate bars aren't exported. If anyone finds these online, please post the link!

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            Thanks for looking! I've come to the same conclusion especially because they don't list the pop rocks variety on Elite's website. :(. As soon as I find out anything else, I'll let you know.

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              I'll be at kosherfest and will keep a lookout for you

          2. I've never found it in the US. It's not available all over in Israel either, (probably due to certification) as it is not from the Megadim line of Elite which gets an OU when exported. The air-ated dark and milk chocolate, as well as those with chocolate lentils and others with nuts are usually available in the US.

            1. i've seen elite at the jewel on howard near mckormick, and i too was looking for the pop-rocks one. i couldn't find it, but maybe in the future. right now the only place i know of that for sure has (had) them was my friends home; we lived in israel together and she brought some home. i wasn't so smart

              1. I lived in LA for 18 years and found these bars in the dollar stores. Forgot exactly which one, but they were two for a buck. I stocked up. Of course, I am out now and no longer live in LA. It was not family dollar and it was not the $.99 store. Jill

                1. has anyone found these anywhere yet? i will order them from where ever!!!!! thanks

                  1. hi happened to come accross this while looking for a topic for my sons project. i live in Israel, and would be very happy to help arrange you getting your chocolates - if you still can't manage in the states. i don't know the procedure for posting chocloates, but if you are interested I'll find out - and keep you in supply.

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                      I'm interested , too. Please let me know how I can contact you.

                    2. you can get these bars in Brooklyn, NY in half the corner stores on kings highway between macdonald and ocean parkway will have them but for the best selection go to Holon at 534 kings highway. they have the whole elite line almost all the time.

                      1. Several customers have referred me to this board- and we get requests for Pop Rocks Elite bars pretty much every day, since we have the whole Elite line- so I figured I should reply. This product is NOT legally available in the US. Anyone selling it here is bringing it in greymarket. Elite USA refuses to import it- possibly because it's kosher certification is not as respected in the US kosher market as the B'datz and OU on the other Elite chocolate bars. There are other import considerations as well. There are earlier posts listing kosher stores that have it- but they are mistaken- these stores have other Elite flavors. They're not selling pop rocks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad new : )
                        Linda Katz, www.israeliproducts.com

                        1. for all those craving the pop rock+chocolate i have discovered these http://www.candywarehouse.com/tingler... in my vending machine at work they have an ou-d on the back, they totally made my day and i could not wait to post my discovery.

                          1. I found this candy today in a kosher grocery store called One Stop in Elizabeth, NJ. They are definitely here legitamately as they have a sticker on the back in english with all the info and allergen info....

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                            2. I found the Elite chocolate with Pop Rocks in Jerusalem Mini-Market (Tomer's) in Cedarhurst last week

                              1. i have got one over ebay.com i just search (elite poping chocolate 250grams )
                                send was fast and no extra chrge for shipping
                                just go to ebay.co and search for (elite poping chocolate 250grams )
                                and you are done .....

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                                  just happened to notice that the seller on ebays store name is drumroll please....... djsore
                                  hmmm. so did you ship the chocolate to yourself?

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                                    Well, that would explain the fast delivery and free shipping. :-)

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                                      just trying to help the people that they really needed and not talking bolongi

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                                        well this is another post( Ansewer) for the ORTHochow And CWSILVERBERG ....
                                        the poping chocolate is also aveliable at aviglatt.com there is the link: http://www.aviglatt.com/Product_8141....

                                        Whats your next ansere that i own aviglatt!!!!!!! uumm

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                                        just trying to help >>
                                        If you so smart check the other items that seller have selling !!

                                    2. Not Elite (which I just bought four bars of in Israel last week), but last night at a Waldbaum's supermarket, I saw a package of candy at the register that was called TINGLERZ. It's under the Willy Wonka label, and it looks to be little pieces of the pop-rock stuff drenched in chocolate. Good hechsher, but can't remember which (prob. OU-D). Didn't buy it, so I can't vouch for it, but it's probably close to what you want.

                                      1. I actually bought some earlier this week at the UWS Supersol (and yes, I know it's not supposed to be sold in the US, but I bought 5 bars and I promise, it was certainly pop rocks).

                                        1. right now the pop rocks that have recently been imported thru strauss-elite just have the rabbanut on them . in january there will be merchandise arriving with i believe badatz. you will be able to ask either hungarian or kl tuv to order it from quality in n.y. they will know what to do

                                          1. I'm actually eating one right now. I was looking for Hashahar chocolate spread and saw the chocolate w/ pop rocks so I ordered it too since I loved it so much while I was over there during the summer. The site that I bought it from was
                                            They seem to have the most stuff compared to other sites. They even have some containers of cookies they sold at one of stores on the kibbutz I stayed at!

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                                              pomegranate has it (in bklynm) with the badatz jerusalem hasgacha

                                            2. I've got two bars and would be willing to trade for something yummy when I come to Chi-town in two Shabboses

                                              1. I didn't know this exsisted! Hubby just brought it back from the UK via someone from Israel. WOW, I understand why you are looking for it.

                                                1. sometime in the last year or so i bought a bar at mountain fruit, in brooklyn