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Sep 5, 2007 04:33 PM

Newyorker needs Help

Hi, I'm from NYC and I'm in Montreal for 4 days. I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency Montreal on 1255 Rue de Jeanne-Mance and I need some help with 3 topics.

1) What would you choose between L'express and Au pied du cochon?
2) i would like to go a good/relaxed bar not too far from my location. can you recommend something?
3) Is Le P'tit Plateau the best BYOB? Do I need to make reservations? Other recomm. on BYOB's?

I will really appreciate your Help

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  1. 1. L'Express is an iconic Parisian bistro. You go above all for the scene and the wine lists (you have to ask for the second one) studded with bargains. There are some good things on the menu but, generally speaking, the food isn't its strongest point. Au Pied de Cochon is a raucous Québécois bistro and temple to wretched excess, where food and indulgence are the be-all and end-all. You'll find ugly as well as beautiful people, a pricier but quite interesting wine list and a gastronomic experience unlike any other in the city and maybe the world.

    2. Others can help you out with bars -- not my area of expertise -- though Pullman wine bar isn't far away from your temporary digs.

    3. There is no single best BYO. Le P'tit Plateau is in the top tier of BYOs; I value it for its only-in-Montrealishness, lack of pretension, consistency and soul-warming modern Southwest French cuisine. Others are in the list I gave you on the wine board -- (though I should also have mentioned Apollo and, maybe, Christophe) -- and which one you would prefer will depend on your tastes, about which we know very little. Search this board for descriptions and reviews to help you in your decision. Reservations are usually necessary at all of them and, if you have a choice of seatings, choose the second (usually 8:30 p.m.) unless you like getting the bum's rush when your shift is up.

    1. 2) Benelux is, I believe, a couple streets north, at Sherbrooke. The beer is good, the music is good, and it's never as busy as it should be. I don't understand why, though.