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Sep 5, 2007 03:57 PM

foods that are white in color

SO... I need a brain-dump of all foods that are colored white!

After expensive teeth-whitening procedures, they warn against eating foods with color for 24-48 hours....which begs the question: what in the world is someone supposed to eat during this time that doesn't have color (ie: white) ?!?!


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  1. how about some soothing tapioca? of course, other possiblilities are fish, poultry, rice, potatoes.

    1. Zuni Cafe in san francisco used to (still?) do a white salad: if i recall correctly: greens (I think escarole, frisee), thinly shaved celery, parmesan, and I think there was one other item which I can't recall at the moment; light vinegrette.

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        Cheese! Ice Cream!! Milk Shakes!!! More Cheese!!!!

      2. just hang out at your nearest scandinavian restaurant.

          1. white asparagus, onions, white bread, white tea, endive, pasta with cream sauce