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Dinner Near Boston Sheraton?

Any suggestions for a restaurant in walking distance of the Boston Sheraton? It is for next Friday night. Casual, mid priced works so does interesting ethnic. Thank you so much.

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  1. Not much fits that description for the immediate area that's good. Thai might be your best bet: Chilli Duck (on Boylston St.) or maybe Bangkok City (on Mass Ave.).

    1. Not sure how far you are willing to walk. About 10-15 min walk away is Orinoco(in the South End on Shawmut), it is Venezuelan food. really tasty and the molten chocolate cake is to die for!

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          It's certainly casual, people say it's good Middle EAstern. II you're in the mood for french, you could go to Brasserie Jo on the backside of the Sheraton or Petit Robert Bistro on Columbus, about a 10 min walk. And Kenmore Sq. is a 10 min walk in the other direction for that Petit Robert Bistro or Eastern Standard.

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            It's been over a year since I went, but I remember being underwhelmed when I did go. Some folks on this board like the place, though.

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              It's ok in general but not something memorable or in need of going out of your way. Could try Parish Cafe near the corner of Boylston and Arlington Streets.

          2. Casa Romero isn't far and they have good Mexican. I know they're debated a lot on here, but I've never had a bad experience there.

            1. You can try Tapeo on Newbury Street which is less than two blocks from the Sheraton. Its a a spanish tapas restaurant so if you watch how many tapas you are ordering you can definantly get out of there with a mid priced meal.

              1. Tapeo, very good. The service can be very hit or miss. We love Piatini, also on Newbury but a few blocks down from Tapeo

                1. Back Bay is a tough area, dining-wise. I haven't been yet, but Vlora, a new Mediterranean place, just opened. It's right on Boylton, so 5 minutes from the Sheraton. I really love Caffe Jaffa (their lamb shawarma is, in my humble opinion, amazing)...Tapeo has never really let me down (despite the fact that some may say it's overrated)...and I do love the Parish (though I wouldn't be able to tell you what else in on the menu besides the Alternative, I guess you can say I'm partial :)...

                  1. The Boston Sheraton is essentially in culinary no-man's land, though there are a few places I would recommend that aren't too far of a walk and that no one has mentioned here.

                    My first overwhelming recommendation is a place called Coda on Columbus Ave (next to Irish meet-market Clery's, at Dartmouth St). Simple, fresh food, a unique and affordable wine list. A great casual, affordable place that has a great neighborhood atmosphere.

                    I eat at Caffe Jaffa for lunch. It's ethnic, it's affordable, but it's not exciting. It's falafel, hummus, and kebabs.

                    mdtravels (et al): Please stop recommending Orinoco -- everyone is going to find out about it, and then we South Enders won't be able to get in anymore. ;) What a wonderful little place it is. It is a bit of a hike, but you'll inevitably walk by my apartment. I'd invite you in for a drink, but this is the Internet.

                    I haven't tried Vlora yet -- it just opened this week, so very few of us have -- but it sounds up your alley. If you do try it, let us know how it is!

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                      I'd 2nd Coda, from the Sheraton you can do a nice walk throught the Christian Science Church's grounds and around the big reflecting pool, down West Newton Street, then a right onto the South End Corridor (a greenway walk) that'll take you to Dartmouth Street around the corner from Coda. Or head another block to Delux on Chandler street (for cheapish eats and drinks).

                      Or walk over via the Fens in Fenway to Trattoria Toscana on Jersey Street for decent Italian.

                      Caffe Jaffa ain't bad either and you can stroll down Newbury Street afterwards. It's not the best Middle-Eastern food I've had, but it's decent enough.

                      If you want the big chain experience, there is a new PF Chang's that opened around the corner from the hotel (where Marche used to be).

                      Or if you want to make a night of it, head to Bob's the Chef's for not too bad BBQ//Southern style food and jazz (get there and leave early if you want to avoid the cover charge) then head to Wally's around the corner for free Jazz.