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Sep 5, 2007 03:33 PM

making soup out of weird pasta sauce accident

I had some very simple home made marinara (tomatoes, garlic, oil, salt) that I had been eating on for a couple of days, to which I added some sliced leeks and lemon, for some reason. It has a nice flavor but it is too bright with lemon and it tastes like it might make a better soup than a sauce. It also probably needs an herb or some kind. I was thinking maybe something with seafood, or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. how about poaching some firm white-fleshed fish in your soup/sauce? that sounds delicious to me right now.

    for the herb part, how about parsley or cilantro!

    1. i like the fish sauce idea. it's probably what i'd do.

      if you made a basic mire poix-- onion, carrot, celery-- sauteed in a little oil, and added your sauce it would probably work as a soup. if you went a little heavy on the carrots the sweetness would balance out the lemon a little. then thin w a little broth or cream. check flavor profile and add seasoning. you could play it up with lemon basil and eat as a chilled soup or go w thyme & pinch of tarragon for hot soup. you could leave it veg or add shellfish or sausage.

      1. Maybe it would be good as a variant of tortilla soup? I don't know about the leeks, though. But you could poach and shred some chicken, add some chicken stock, add some hot peppers, and maybe add some corn and black beans. Then at the end, add some cilantro, tortilla chips and cheese.

        1. Like the fish concept too.

          A few other thoughts...

          Add some bread crumbs to the mix to soak up some of the acidity, and make a sort of gazpacho!

          Add ratatouille ingredients, ie eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, whatever else you like and allow to stew. I'd probably add some Italian seasonings too.

          Use it in meatloaf instead of adding ketchup.

          Or, try and balance it with the addition of something basic, or even consider adding more oil or butter. You could also poach dumplings in the sauce, which flour-based will soak up some of the lemony-ness.

          1. You could totally use it as a base for soup! I would probably add some stock or bouillon to fortify it (a parmesan rind works well, too), then I'd go through my fridge and clear out whatever vegetables need using up: a little cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cabbage, etc. And maybe add some canned beans too. Add some fresh basil and/or parsley at the end, and you have a delicious vegetable soup.

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              Sounds right - a pasta e fa-stroni

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                Oh of course! I forgot the pasta! Add little stars or tubes or broken up spaghetti!