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Sep 5, 2007 02:32 PM

Philly Convention Center Eating Recommendations

Will be going to Philly next weekend - Sept. 14th and 15th and am looking for great, but not too expensive places to eat. It needs to be within walking distance and any meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner are fine.

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  1. The Convention Center is near 2 great places - the Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown. Both are very easy to walk to - the Reading Terminal is perfect for breakfast or lunch on a Saturday. Chinatown is great for dinner. If you're up for a longer walk, there are several good restaurants around 13th and Sansom, including Lolita.

    1. Down Home diner in the Reading Terminal is good for breakfast. There's a Burmese place called Rangoon on 9th and Arch. And lots to pick from in Chinatown.

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        I definately recommend the Reading Terminal Market. Love it!

      2. If you like Vietnamese; try Vietnam on 11th Street between Race and Vine. Really very good, and I love the hokey cocktails they serve there. RTM is a great suggestion, but I personally would skip the Down Home Diner and wait to eat breakfast at the Amish Place. Down Home wasn't clean at all the last time I went there, and the food wasn't good either.

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          I agree that the Reading Terminal Market is a great place to eat but I too would skip the Down Home Diner unless you like your pancakes, server, and environs crusty. The Dutch Eating Place is far better and both the food and the line move quickly. My favorites at the market include a soft pretzel from Fisher's, apple fritters from Beiler's, pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place, and a roast pork sandwich with provolone and greens or broccoli rabe at DiNic's.

          You may also want to check out the Naked Chocolate Cafe a few blocks to the south for great chocolate drinks and cupcakes.

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            agreed with these two - down home is simply there to reduce the line at the dutch eating place for me. :) the RTM is definitely something you need to see. i like to get a smoothie from the shop with the wheat grass out front. try a couple fruits mixed with carrot. it was the most pleasant surprise when i first tried it, a little skeptical.

            the other suggestion of lolita is a great one -- BYO and cash only, so be prepared. actually, 13th and sansom is one of my favorite intersections. i love nearly all the choices. one of the pubs, can't remember which, had excellent fries. there is capogiro (gelato) which is not to be missed (lime / cilantro is a perfect finish to one of several nearby mexican meal options!). there's a wine bar called vintage. even el vez i'd recommend - though i know many prefer lolita for mexican - i challenge them to do the guacamole show-down. :)

        2. much of downtown philadelphia is walking distance from the convention center - it depends on how much you enjoy walking. not to say that there aren't great places right there (and I agree on RTM and chinatown), just that yo ushouldn't rule out places around Rittenhouse Square, down Broad street, etc. South St/Queen's Village is pretty far, but Old City is doable if you like walking.

          1. Sang Kee Peking Duck House 238 N 9th St , (ChinaTown) for great duck.
            Agree with VIetnam comments below
            for Italian:
            Mercato 1216 Spruce St
            Salt and Pepper 746 S 6th St
            Bronzino: 261 S 17th St,