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Sep 5, 2007 02:09 PM

Babos Doners-Eglinton & Calendonia

Have been meaning to try this place for awhile and finally popped in today. So good I may have to go back tomorrow and Friday. If you like Schwarma then you have to try this place. I like Farhat but I don't find it particularily clean, and more than not I am forced to remove chunks of fat from my mouth. Couln't decide on chicken or beef so I got one of each. Both were huge, wrpped in a very large homemade pita/roti wrapper with a choice of several topping including the famous Doner sauce, which is a sweet red sauce that compliments the garlicky sauce and seasoned meats perfectly. The doners were both unbelievabley good and quite messy. Not to be eaten while driving. I like the beef best and brough thome 1/2 of each. Too big to eat both-and I can eat!! The guys could not have been nicer and the place was immaculate. Definately must put this on the regular rotation.

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  1. I commented on this in your other posting in the generic shawarmas of Toronto thread. Babos is a great place.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      Yongeman-I must have told 20 of my buddies about the Doners I had there the other day. Blows away anything else I've had "wrapped" in the city. I think I dreamt about the beef Doner last night!!

      1. re: robb

        Been going there a lot lately, and honestly it has some of the best schwarma in the city. The sauce with the cabbage, and the onions , with a little dash of hot sauce is great. The wraps are huge and filled to the brim. I definitily recommend it .