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Sep 5, 2007 02:04 PM

24-hour food joints in Manhattan

Greasy all-night diners are a dime a dozen in the city. Anyone have some picks for the best alternative 24-hour spots?

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  1. There's some haters out there, but I love L'Express.

      1. Cafe Orlin on St Marks has lots of good bistro food. And there is always French Roast Cafe.

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          Cafe Orlin Is 24 hours on fri and sat only.

        2. Koreantown on 32nd street!

          This gets hated on but I also like coffeeshop on union sq. They're closed between 5am-6am(cleanup for the next day).

          1. Some might dismiss it away into diner oblivion, but Veselka is a late-night lifesaver in the East Village. Forget the back and forth arguments over slow service, pirogi preferences, and Ukranian homestyle specialties: their burger is a thing of beauty, day or night. Flame broiled deliciousness, pure and simple.