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Sep 5, 2007 01:22 PM

Tim Tam good news!

Hey all.

I have been pestering Loblaws and Dominion for a while now with emails requesting Tim Tams.

The latest email I got back had this to say

Dear Gnaremoob,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

These cookies produced by Arnott's will be carried by our stores, and will be readily available by early November. Please visit your local store at this time for further information.

We look forward to serving you in our stores.


Loblaws Supermarkets


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  1. That is good news! Thanks for sharing. Will be stalking Loblaws in November. If anyone sees them in the stores before then, please report back!

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    1. re: LovesToEat

      I have to ask....what are Tim Tams????


      according to wikipedia, the cookies are sold @ the canadian superstore~

      maybe it's here already?

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      1. re: oohlala

        It might be an older comment. Tim Tams were sold at Loblaws and Superstore a few years ago (under the name "Arnotts Originals" or something like that) but they disappeared after a while. They were pretty expensive, so they might not have sold so well (people not already familiar with them might not be inclined to try them out). I'm glad to hear they're coming back however. Hopefully they'll do better this time.

        1. re: PaulV

          And if you happen to travel to Australia, go to a supermarket and they are $1.77 Australian (on sale).

          Great cookies. Well worth the fuss. Lots of other flavours too.

      2. YES!!! I can't wait! I get my Mum to send them over periodically, it's a taste from home I can't quite give up. I hope they import all the types, the double chocolate ones are my favourite.

        1. All Hail the efforts of gnaremoob ...thank you thank you thank you. We just moved to Ontario from BC, where the SuperStore used to sell them (at nearly $5 a pop!); they suddenly stopped the supply and let me tell you, me going TT cold turkey is not a fun sight. I wait with bated breath for November and the first shipment. Oh the return of the days of Tim Tam Slams are drawing near.
          Gnaremoob uoy knaht

          1. They are officially in. I bought 6 boxes (xmas presents) for $2.49 / pkg. Good luck

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            1. re: gnaremoob

              Hi gnarmoob - how exciting! My Aussie friend just brought me back two packs (regular & latte flavour) but it would be great to have a closer, more permanent source. Hope this will carry over to the Loblaws here in Quebec as well. Do you have any idea if this is a local decision in your neck of the woods or a chain-wide decision? Thanks!

              1. re: gnaremoob

                Which Loblaws did you check out? I checked the Queens Quay one in Toronto without any success.

                1. re: urbantrauma

                  Queens Quay didn't have any, but Leslie & Lakeshore did have several left. Regular 'ol Tim Tams, $2.49 per package. Hiding away on the top shelf.

                  I'll hit up a few more (Mississauga, Heartland) and report back when I can.

                2. re: gnaremoob

                  Saw them at the Loblaws on Dupont/Christie, too.