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Sep 5, 2007 01:15 PM

Manchester NH - new BBQ place

Anyone been yet ? With the closure of Down-n-Dirty there is a hole to be filled . Premier Pallete is good, but beef only .

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  1. Sorry to reply off-topic, but I was in Manchester for the first time yesterday and happened upon Benvenuto's for lunch. We shared pizza and middle eastern specialties and were delighted! I posted on the Boston board about the experience.

    1. Sounds promising - I will have to stop in and try a bit of everything - especially the bbq spaghetti.

      1. I just ate there. Food is very good, and owners are nice.

        Had a little difficulty finding the place but that's because I thought it was on the same street as the Hannover St. Chophouse. It's actually one block nearer to Elm on Chestnut. If you're heading towards Elm, turn left at the next intersection after you pass the chophouse and you'll see a building on a corner. I think it's green. There's a parking lot on the left for it with signs. If you pass it if you turn left at the intersection you can still get into the parking lot from the side street. I won't have difficulty getting to it now.

        And they couldn't have picked a better location, it's not too far from Elm street and is right near the police and fire stations. I bet they'll get tons of buisness from those guys alone.

        The interior is very nice and clean. They have all these wood dining tables to eat at, with little spinning trays with all the condimints in the middle of them. The walls have a nice faux brick texture to them.

        The food as I already said, was very good. The cole slaw and beans reminded me of those from the Premier Palette on Elm, which is obviously a good thing. I had the pulled pork, which is something PP doesn't offer. It also was very good. Best I know of in the area. They serve it dry so the flavor isn't overpowered by the sauces which you can add in moderation if you wish, and it's not salty and tough, like the pulled pork at Famous Dave's.

        All in all I was satisfied with the meal, though more coleslaw would have been nice. They gave me a heaping pile of it, but it was so good I finished it long before I finished the meat. :-) That's not really a complaint though, more of a compliment on the coleslaw. Heh.

        Oh and they also offer bottled beer in addition to soda, which is nice with barbecue. But I didn't see any Sam Adams, only Budweiser products so they lose some points for that!

        My only real honest complaint is that it was fairly warm in there. The air conditioner they have isn't really up to the job. I'm sure they won't have any problems in the coming winter months but I hope they've upgraded it come summer.

        Oh and I almost forgot. The cornbread. They give you that too with the platters. That was also delicious. Most places it's either really dry or is soaked in butter and has no texture. This was perfect. Moist yet firm with a nice texture and flavor.

        So that's my review. I give em five stars. I'll definitely go back and tell my freinds about it. :-)

        1. Checked City Flame Smokehouse out last Saturday, and we were really pleased we did. Kids split a plate of burnt ends, I had the pulled pork, and J went with the smoked sausage. For $8.50, you get a generous portion of meat as well as two sides and cornbread. Sides were uniformly excellent, from the traditional coleslaw and BBQ beans to the vinegar cucumber salad and the honey-baked apple slices. Kids were sorry they didn't have room for a smoked sweet potato. Meats are covered in the owner's secret rub and smoked dry, Memphis-style. There are three temperatures of homemade sauce on the table, though the 'hot' is not the usual scorching sauce BBQ places often serve. I do agree with pp about the beer selection - while they'd added Bud Light on tap, the selection is too light on regional brews. Food this good needs better beer!

          Owners were very friendly, and excited to watch little kids gobble BBQ. A 5 star bbq joint - I wish we lived closer! (Though my waistline is glad we don't.)