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Sep 5, 2007 01:05 PM

Moderate Priced Sea Food Restaurant

My wife loves steamers but we have had difficulty finding them in a moderate priced (but good) restaurant in Southern Westchester. Seafood in general is often quirky unless it is highly priced. I am not sure if any decent places still exist on City Island. We've been to Gus' a few times but I would like to go beyond that -especially since I don't think that it is that great. Any suggestions -or am I just being unrealistic. Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried f.i.s.h. in port chester?

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    1. re: Clinton Hiller

      Thanks Clinton, and f.i.s.h. is a good choice. But, I suspect that dinner for two would run me at least $100. -and that I should define "moderate" price. I would think that $35./person (w/o booze) is "moderate".

      1. re: Nadie

        F.I.S.H has a deal every night where if you order before 6:30, you can get a free bottle of wine. That would put the meal squarely within your price range (if you are a wine drinker).

        1. re: Shawn

          Shawn, i don't believe FISH has steamers - real steamers being soft shell/ie ipswich steamed clams. I love them too and they're generally more of a basic seafood place kind of food. We don't have too many places that fit Nadie's description but we do need them - I for one would be there regularly.

          I understand that before Iived in Westchester there used to be a place on Boston Post Road on the Mamaroneck/Rye border (right near my house ironically) called The Crabshack that was a real "steamer kind of seafood joint". Now it's a Commerce Bank because g-d knows we just don't have enough banks in Westchester.

          1. re: laylag

            You're right about FISH not having steamers, Layag. I had forgotten about the OP's request for steamers when I'd posted and was concentrating on the price of a meal at FISH.

            That place where the Commerce Bank now sits was the Crab Shanty. If I remember correctly, it had the same owners as Seaside Johnnie's in Rye. The food was mostly pretty mediocre, but come to think of it, it probably would have been a good place to just go for steamers.

            1. re: Shawn

              I don't eat them, but Mr. dolores likes them. He can't remember where he had them last and neither can I.

              All we can offer is Dudley's in New Rochelle, they 'might' have them.

              1. re: dolores

                Does Ebb Tide do them Dolores?

                1. re: laylag

                  Is that the place with the lobster roll? It would make sense that they have them, yes.

                  1. re: dolores

                    I don't know about the lobster roll. Could be. They're in PC down near Willett on the water. Very basic little joint. They're a fish market too. A few outdoor tables although not what you imagine when you think of "water view".

                    1. re: laylag

                      Ebb Tide has steamers, the broth is different, it is flavored more like you would flavor the broth for mussels. They were good, but not classic. If you're willing to take a drive, Mr. Pobo and I had the best steamers ever at the Saltwater Grille in Stamford. I haven't been to the Elm St. Oyster Bar in Greenwich since it changed hands about 10 years ago, it's always so crowded - but they may have steamers. Also, further east is the Seafood Restaurant in Rowayton.

                      1. re: pobo

                        Will have to try Saltwater. So many places have completely unimaginative steamers. I'm a traditionalist but just sticking them in water with like nothing - meh. Best I've ever had were on Long Island, many years ago, at a place called Porky's now Nicky's. They used fresh fennel, celery, dill and other seasonsings in the steaming water. Their steamers were usually large and always incredibly flavorful. They came to the table in a large foil package with the seasoning vegetables keeping them hot and continuing to add flavor. Unbelievable and impossible to find equal - so far.

              2. re: Shawn

                Eww Shawn, I've heard such bad things about Seaside Johnny's so maybe the Crab Shanty (I'd misremembered the information) is not something I missed out on.

      2. Try Ruby's Oyster Bar in Rye. They definitely have steamers and really good mussels too. I would highly recommend having an order of their frites too. They are some of the best in Westchester.

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        1. re: momof3

          My first thought was f.i.s.h. or Ruby's but you will be cutting it close w/ the 35$ limit.. Also check out "The beachouse" in greenwich, but entrees are around 25..

          1. re: mrgaga

            I had steamers @ Seaside Johnny's a couple of years ago. They were good but pricey. Ebb Tide has them on occasion. Used to get them at Seafood City on City Island, but I can't take City Island any more (though they were moderately priced).

            Has anyone tried Ricky's on Central Park Ave. in Yonkers? I drove by there today and saw they had banners for price fxed dinners, but didn't see much beyond that.

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              The wholesale price of Steamers (Ipswitch Clams) has almost double in the last two years. $190 to $210 a bushel for Maine Steamers. A little less for Maryland or LI. (although for my money, the only good steamer, is a Maine Steamer) I don't think you are going to find "moderate" prices when it comes to steamers. My understanding, as with most fish, the catch is smaller every year. If you are a big fan, I suggest you eat up now, before they are all gone. Last I heard the best bet is Leno's in New Rochelle, aka Greasy Nick's.

              1. re: alexr

                Since I want to keep the cost "moderate", I guess that there has to be a trade-off somewhere. I had heard that the steamers at Leno's were inexpensive -but often quite sandy.

                1. re: Nadie

                  I totally forgot until I saw the post above mentioning Elm Street Oyster House, but I had excellent steamers there on Valentine's Day.

                  Hmmm. I just looked at their menu on-line. Steamers aren't on the regular menu, but today's special include steamers as an appetizer for $21. If I remember, it was a big portion and I think I just had it as my entree.

                  Anyway, the food there is wonderful, they list their daily specials on their website and you could stay at $35 pp by ordering carefully.