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Sep 5, 2007 01:01 PM

Sup - a new cafe in Reno

Had lunch today at the new Reno cafe, Sup. Sup is located in the former Luciano's spot. It was outstanding. I had the turkey pesto sandwich and my daughter had the portobello mushroom sandwich. Mine was served on a jalapeno roll. The turkey on my sandwich looked like it had been roasted in house. The sandwich had heirloom tomatoes and avocado included - it was really nice. The portobello sandwich was even better. It had grilled portobello, eggplant and zucchini along with hummus, baby greens, melted provolone and a balsamic dressing on a toasted baguette. It was really tasty. I ordered the half-sandwich along with a cup on carrot ginger soup - one of the many selections of soup they were offering. Each sandwich came with a small side salad of baby greens with strawberries and bleu cheese, and a mini chocolate chip cookie. The meal came to $17.

The decor was very nice and the staff friendly and attentive. So glad to have another choice in the downtown area. It will be a regular stop of mine.

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  1. Thanks for your review. My aunt and I ate at Sup last weekend, and I second your enthusiastic review of the portobello sandwich. It was delicious. For me it came served on focaccia rather than a baguette. I think the menu said that the mushrooms were marinated in ginger.

    I thought the cookie was a normal size, but the salad was tiny. The cafe itself is small, too - only about 7 tables. You order at the counter and fetch your own silverware and napkins. Your meal is brought to the table, though. A lot of people seemed to be ordering items to go.

    1. I went to süp and I didn't get the same impression as you, Nancy. It's clean, bright and trendy. And busy. I got the grilled portobello over focaccia and the chili verde soup. First off, getting anything over focaccia is a mistake since I think I'm the only person in the northern hemisphere who doesn't like that bread. I try to again every couple of years to see if there's one I like. I didn't like süp's focaccia. And the sandwich was just a crazy melange of squash, leafy vegetables and hummus. Too much hummus. I ate half and couldn't give the other half away at work.
      The soup was better, but nothing special. The thick green sauce like you'd find in a Mexican chili verde and rice and pork. Just a little bit of tang.
      I'll try it again to see what else it has, but my first trip there was a let down.

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        Ah, sorry to hear your experience wasn't good - the portobello was on a baguette when I was there which I'm sure resulted in less of a flavor overload. I enjoyed everything about that sandwich, tho. The carrot-ginger soup that I had was just okay - could have been a little thicker and spiced a little heavier. And, I am one who agrees with you...i'm not a fan of focaccia for sandwiches - way too much bread and who needs flavored bread - the flavoring is in the sandwich. It was really busy when I was there, as well.

        1. re: SteveTimko

          Steve: You are not the only person in the northern hemisphere who doesn't like focaccia. I won't even order a sandwhich if it is on focaccia....I can't stand it. Too hard to chew or something...just don't like the texture. I eat few sandwhiches these days because it seems like everyone wants to use it.

          The chili verde soup sounds more like a stew than a soup..was it thick like that?

          1. re: janetofreno

            It was more like a thick soup than a thin stew.

            1. re: janetofreno

              Just a quick update: I had lunch here today. Three of us were looking for something light in the neighborhood and soup suddenly sounded really good. Maybe it was the snowy day, but the place was packed. We all three had no comments on the sandwiches. They let us taste several of the available soups, which was a nice touch. S and I had the thai shrimp was very good. Lots of vegetables, coconut milk, fresh prawns, and a nice bite. T had the black bean with green chilis. I thought it was very tasty but needed more salt...oh well, that's easy to fix. I also tasted the clam chowder, and found it just so-so. It was a little floury and tasted more like potatoes than clams.

              A mini-loaf from the Bread Store can be ordered with the soup but they charge extra. Otherwise you can load up with oyster crackers and saltines from the self-service bar (where you also get your own silverwear, water, etc.). The soup came with a small but very tasty chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie.

              I would definitely go back when I felt like a good bowl of soup and take advantage of the tasting option to help choose.....

          2. My wife & I have eaten at SUP several time and have enjoyed its high quality soups & the little mini Loafs from the House of Bread . We especially love the squash soup although all the soups we have had are great. Havn't had any sandwich's . Love the cookie also & the nice clean up to date decor. Just not enough tables and oh so crowded. Nice to see a good place do well.

            1. Went back to sup today. I got the chicken green curry coconut soup and a steak sandwich. The soup was okay. The ingredients were fresh and not overocooked. But again nothing exceptional. The steak sandwich had way too much cheese and it was melted onto the meat so I couldn't really scrape it off. It would be more accurate to call it a cheese sandwich with some meat.
              I'll try again. I'm just not trying the right ingredients, I guess.