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Feb 23, 2006 12:27 PM

Thin sliced bread for tea sandwiches

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Originally I posted about Pepperidge Farm bread, which they apparently don't sell in this state (drat!)

Anyone know another thin-sliced bread available in San Francisco that would be good for assorted tea sandwiches?

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  1. I've seen thin sliced rye (assortment of them) at many supermarkets, usually by the deli meats.

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    1. re: anna

      Yes. I have seen two varieties - Orowheat that someone referred to in your Pepperidge farm post and another unmarked brand that is a longer 'loaf' than the Orowheat.

      I prefer the Orowheat white. The rye is a bit dryier. I don't like that other brand at all. I know Safeway sells this.

      Hope you get some other reply. There was a post a while back about thin bread for tea sandwiches and there was no good answer. Most bakeries don't have bread machines that slice that thin.

      People keep mentioning Acme's Pan de Miele as perfect for tea sandwiches but I just can't imagine this as it is a fluffy uncut loaf of bread and I have no clue how people get that thin enough for tea sandwiches.

      Anyway, orowheat white cocktail bread is my favorite. Maybe ask about delivery day for the freshest version.

      1. re: rworange

        The pain de mie is actually quite firm, not particularly fluffy, but you do have to slice it yourself.

        1. re: wally

          How about slicing it while it's frozen? Frozen bread is pretty firm, but freezing doesn't really affect the taste of bread if it comes slowly back up to room temperature.

          1. re: nooodles

            It slices all right, it is just that Acme doesn't slice and some people don't like to slice bread at home.

          2. re: wally

            It's supposed to be firm, but the last loaf of pain de mie we got (from the Ferry Plaza shop, a couple of weeks ago) was fluffy. Hope it was just an aberration.

      2. Success! Pepperidge Farm does not sell its thin-sliced bread west of the Mississipppi, and there really are no other bread suppliers who make it. But if you have a large Safeway store in your area, one with a bakery, they make in-house white, wheat, and multi-grain bread and they have a bread slicing machine that can slice virtually any thickness. I pre-order the loaves I want and choose the width "7" for tea sandwiches. You still have to cut off the crusts on your own though :-)

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          1. re: SAMcGowan

            "Pepperidge Farm does not sell its thin-sliced bread west of the Mississipppi."

            I wonder when that happened. I bought it in the Bay Area for years, including more recently (I'm almost certain) than the original 2006 post here. The only reason I haven't looked for it lately is because of seldom shopping now at the supermarkets (such as Nob Hill) where I used to get the Pepperidge Farm "Thin-Sliced Sandwich" loaves.

            So this thread is the first mention I've seen of any Bay Area unavailability.

            1. re: eatzalot

              Pepperidge Farm hasn't shipped bread west of the Mississippi since at least 2005. It's an evergreen topic here.


              1. re: eatzalot

                I called Pepperidge Farm some years back to ask about their thin-sliced bread because I was going to throw a tea party and was looking for the product, and I was asking where to buy it here in California. The customer service person told me it was no longer available "west of the Mississippi" and I have not seen it here at Safeway or Cala Foods or anywhere else since then. I grew up in the Northeast where the product is still readily available. I called Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh two weeks ago and they verified that they stock it in their stores, and I've bought it at Shaw's and Super Stop & Shop in Rhode Island in the past couple of years.

                1. re: SAMcGowan

                  Amazing. I used it so many times in the past, here in the Bay Area, that I took it for granted. Along with their similar looking but thicker-sliced "English-muffin" loaf that made great toast for things like club sandwiches.

                  Was just thinking about getting some the other day when I was at a small market that didn't stock much range of commercial breads and I thought, that would be one advantage of supermarkets. Scratch that off.

              2. re: SAMcGowan

                I was responsible for sandwiches the past two teas I've attended and have to give a thumbs up for the Safeway bread. Whole Foods 365 brand organic white bread was not good; it had all of the drawbacks of crappy bread and none of the advantages of something so generic/basic as Safeway bread. Could barely tell the difference between Safeway white vs wheat, which I found amusing but not surprising.

              3. Josey Baker bread is quite firm. I have used it for tea sandwiches to rave reviews. The packaged stuff from the grocery store is not good. Looks like what you want, but tastes like cardboard.

                1. I found this thread a couple years ago when I had a spread that called out for the "party rye".
                  I was recently at Piedmont Grocery, where I found most items to be overpriced, but noticed they had the first cocktail sized bread I'd seen in the bay area--Rubschlager brand rye and pumpernickel, and for the very reasonable price of $2.19, particularly for a commodity I haven't seen elsewhere.
                  I guess I no longer have to suppress any recipe ideas involving party rye.

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                    also to be found at Nordic House in West Berkeley on San Pablo, which is also a great source of other Scandinavian specialties.