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Sep 5, 2007 12:37 PM

Vietnamese for kids (and adults)

We are planning a trip to Vietnam for extended family in the next year. I want to introduce my (infuriatingly picky and non-adventurous) 4 and 6 year old children to vietnamese food before we go, so that they will eat something besides plain white rice when we are there. I am looking for suggestions on where to take them (starting from Belmont, closeness a plus but not a necessity) and what foods to start them on. Thanks.

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  1. Our kids like Pho (chicken noodle soup) and appetizers like tofu triangles and egg rolls and even summer rolls - a least the inside of them - and lots of white rice. We tend to go to Lam's in Newton or Pho Pasteur anywhere..

    1. Closest to Belmont I suppose would be either Le's in Harvard Square or the place in Medford Square. Neither are as good as Xihn Xihn or the droves of places in Fields Corner.

      Don't know how picky your kids are, but here are some basics:
      goi cuon - fresh springrolls
      cha goi - fried springrolls
      bahn mi - cold cut sandwich
      goi are salads - shredded veggies & meats
      pho - the soup
      bun - noodles
      thit lui - skewered glazed meat

      Good luck!

      1. Our 4-year-old (who is very picky and hates anything having to do w/a vegetable - not sure how this all happened, but it's what we've got!) loves pho too. She also happens to dig tofu, so we often just order her vermicelli noodles and steamed tofu when we're out for Vietnamese (which is very often). We are most often "dining" at the Vietnamese place in the Super 88 food court - takes us about 15 min. from Belmont.

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          I recommend starting with a place like Le's or Pho Pasteur if you're trying to sell your kids on Vietnamese. Places in chinatown might be more authentic, but not the best place to bring picky eaters. Another dish that hasnt been mentioned are the kho's which are basically meats (fish, pork, chicken...) cooked in a hot pot with caramel sauce. They're pretty sweet so that might appeal to kids. thats my $0.02. good luck and enjoy :) also, I'm very jealous. vietnam is an amazing place!

        2. Pho 88 in Lowell is great.

          1. If you happen to be in the chinatown area, perhaps you could try the spring rolls at Saigon Sandwich, or the beef stew/banh mi bo kho at Xinh Xinh.

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              second for Xinh Xinh. my kid can kill a plate of their grilled quail all by himself and still put a big dent in one of their noodle bowls. plus, the on-site owners are wicked accommodating. if you do go, get the kids a avocado shake, it's wicked yummy!