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Sep 5, 2007 12:35 PM

I-10 east of tallahassee

Will be going back and forth across the state and have found suggestions for Tallahassee and west. Any places in Lake City and east before Jacksonville? Breakfast and lunch spots in Lake City would be helpful. Any food typeis appreciated, would prefer to skip chains, dives are fine.

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  1. Jimmie's Truck Stop used to have great burgers/patty melts/etc. before it burned. Most of the long-time staff from there is now at the Red Onion @ Exit 258, whilst Jimmie's is being rebuilt (same owners). I've had breakfast at Jimmie's, but not at the Red Onion. It's a dive, but the food is better than your average truck stop and the people are very friendly.

    At the Lee exit, there is a country-cookin' place on the North side of the highway. Everybody calls it "Mendheim's", but that's not the actual name. I've not eaten there. I think they have a breakfast buffet and it's probably not very good. (I do greyhound adoption and often pick up dogs from the farms at Lee and Live Oak. I've met LOTS of people in that parking lot, but not one has ever suggested we eat there. OTOH, I learned about Jimmie's from the dog men, who will sometimes ask "Do ya want me to bring you a Jimmie's cheeseburger?") A good friend requested a Jimmie's patty melt for her birthday and she's more discriminating than most about her food choices.

    There's a pretty good meat-and-three restaurant in downtown Live Oak. They have VERY good pies and VERY slow service. I've not had breakfast there and I don't know the name of the place. It's on the East side of the downtown area (I can't remember if there is a town square or just a main drag).

    Lake City isn't actually on I-10 and I don't if there is anything there, beyond what you see from I-75 (Cracker Barrel, Steak and Shake, etc.) I've only stopped there for fuel and/or to pick up or drop off dogs. There is NOTHING at either of the Lake City exits on I-10.

    There's not a lot of great options along that part of I-10.

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      In Lake City, we enjoy the steakhouse chain, Texas Roadhouse. Great steak, fun, wonderful yeast rolls. We share a big steak and two salads, and we love the peanuts.

    2. if you get to the Cracker Barrell might as well wait 20 minutes and hit downtown Jacksonville. If TruckStop food doesn't appeal to you, you'll have to get off I-10 and hit Live Oak. I think onrushpam was referring to Jay's Restaurant just off Rte 90. There also used to be a BBQ place and a Mexican place on the same street. If you're going to be driving by Tallahassee mid morning and hitting the Lake City area noonish, stop at Hopkins on Market, just off I-10 Thomasville road exit, pick up some sandwiches and red velvet/carrot cake to go and just pull over at the reststop before I-75 and have a picnic.

      1. A couple of options for you:

        Live Oak has a great Southern buffet in Cheryl's. Really outstanding things like pork chops, fried chicken, catfish, and the like. The mains rotate daily. They've also got some of the best desserts around. Cakes, pies, and banana pudding.

        Also in Live Oak is the Dixie Grill. Its a typical diner style place. Food is good, but nothing to get fired up about.

        If Madison is within range for you, the One Eleven Grill is outstanding. The chef there is a real devotee of fresh local foods cooked with style. It is by far the most innovative place within a 50 mile radius. Everything I've had has been excellent.