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Apple + __ Crisp?

I'm making an apple crisp, but since it's still warm down here in Atlanta, I was thinking of adding another fruit to it so it's a little more summery.

Any suggestions?

Also --- is there a particular type of apple you suggest would go well with your other fruit?

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  1. plums, rasins, figs, peaches, pears, apricots, currants all work well.

      1. re: chef chicklet

        yup peaches are great, as are pears

        also white peaches + blueberries

      2. I would use blueberries to remind me it's still summer. I like apple with blueberry and ginger, a little lemon zest...

        1. How about rhubarb? (is it a fruit?)

          If there are still cherries, cherries are great too!

          1. Ooh yes, rhubarb and some cinnamon.

            1. Cherries get my vote - or, if you want to get all exotic/trendy, pomegranate.

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              1. re: piccola

                I love pomegranates, but the OP wants something that reminds her of summer and pomegranates remind me of winter.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  Actually I'm making it for Rosh Hashanah so pomegranates are very in keeping with the holiday... but I'm not sure my guests would be into the texture of all the seeds.
                  I will keep in mind for another time though!

                  1. re: laurendlewis

                    Yes, pomegranates are perfect for Rosh Hashanah - just doesn't conjure up summer ;-)

                    1. re: pescatarian

                      I missed that in the post. Maybe in the fall, then.

              2. I make an apple-blackberry crumble that is always well received. Sometimes I throw in some cherries as well. My apple preference is granny smith, although I have not been able to find a good apple in the Atlanta area in quite a while. Maybe now that apple season is coming around we will have some.

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                1. Rhubarb and apple are a nearly perfect combo. (: Hard to go wrong with it. I love PotteryBliss's suggestion of apple and blackberry...what a scrumptious summer combo! I might have to try that myself soon before my blackberry bush finally bites the dust. I like adding a bit of cardamom (you can grind the seeds in a mortor/pestle, or find it pre-ground) into my apple desserts...it's a bit more exotic than cinnamon and nutmeg, and tends to go well with a variety of fruits.

                  As for apple types, if you have access to Gravensteins, give those a try. They are a local variety here in northern California, and I use them a lot during summer. Macintosh, Pink Lady or Granny Smith might also be good choices.

                  1. Blackberries, blueberries, or rhubarb.

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                    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                      dried cranberries....or fresh if you can get them! Yum!

                      1. re: cheesehead in recovery

                        I keep frozen cranberries year round ...they are particularly good in Apple Crisp and also in Apple Pie. Fresh cranberry season starts in late fall...I always buy at least six bags and use them throughout the year. Have also used them in Peach Crisp...A cup is about all you need for any crisp.

                    2. raspberries..they will burst and give oa lovely blush to the crisp.