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Sep 5, 2007 12:16 PM

No more jager bombs and vodka redbulls!

Why cant I find any bartenders in this great city of Austin to make a good cocktail. Being a bartender through college, I know it takes a bartender the right skills and pouring technique to come up with a fabulous drink. Everyone knows to avoid 6th street if your looking for a classic cocktail or something unique. So I made my way down to the Belmont to order a Mai- Tai, to find out they use oj and pineapple juice out of the gun YUK! So I went down to SFA hotel to order a Manhattan when the bartender told me he thinks I should have a Makers Mark on the rocks instead. So where does a lady in her mid 30s go to get a good cocktail in this city of Mexican Martinis and Mojitos?

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  1. Not a bar, but a resource you might be able to use.

    1. Try the Peacock on East 6th and Pedernales

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        I agree with you about the Peacock; this is a hip place to get a cocktail.

        If you're downtown, Club De Ville seems to have thinned out a bit and still mixes generous cocktails. Weeknights and Sundays are better for the serious drinker -- after all, you're only a stone's throw from Sixth.

      2. I like the Club DeVille suggestion, they know their cocktails pretty well. Much better on weeknights in my experience.

        The other places I can recall having proper cocktails were at the bar in Eddie Vs and also at the bar at Trulucks (if I recall correctly). Oh, and there's one great bartender at the Hilton/Finn&Porter bar.

        You could always go to the Four Seasons and get a Bat-tini. <j/k>

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          I'm surprised this post has survived the rigorous vetting of the Chow monitors....Lately when I've been in the mood for properly mixed delicious cocktails I've wended my way towards Lovejoys on Neches.The margaritas are well balanced and tasty and they have a nice selection of Irish whiskeys and Kentucky Bourbons....ambience,as always is wonderful;Minor Threat and Cherubs on the jukebox and a diverse crowd of squares and scenesters jostling about the bar.Shoot some pool,surf the internet and watch the fuzz break some people down streetside out the propped open doors.

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            Not to mention the worst in-house brewed beer this side of a sweatsock soaking in highway run-off. I'll try a cocktail the next time I'm there instead.

        2. For a town with no shortage of places to drink, it is so hard to find a Cocktail.
          About that Belmont Mai Tai...nevermind that the juices come out of a gun, a Mai Tai should never have pineapple and orange juice in the first place. Though recipes vary with regards to proportion, they all pretty much agree on the basics: Aged rum, triple sec, fresh lime, Orgeat or Falernum, and simple (even Old Mr. Blah-ston, the worst and yet most ubiquitous cocktail manual, doesn't have orange and pineapple.) I'm floored that they put something that is not a Mai Tai on a menu and called it a Mai Tai. If they put a hamburger on the menu and served you a hot dog, you would send it back. But so few people in A-town know about the classic cocktails that a hot spot bar like the Belmont can get away with this.
          I second the accolades for the Peacock, at least they are putting forth the effort. Starlite has a good cocktail menu, and DeVille makes a good drink. Chris at Botticellis is working on it, and so is David at Ms. B's. I highly recommend checking him out and giving him your feedback, as you can tell he's putting a lot of work in to it. He was, as far as I know, the first to put Q Tonic on the menu within a week of it coming to town.
          The most pervasive problem with most "classic" drinks in this town is that they often use the least classic ingredient of all, which is MIX. Bottled, canned, or bag-in-a-box mixes and juices do not result in good cocktails. Fresh squeezed is the way to go, or at least Goodflow or the like. None of the pre-prohibition, golden era cocktail manuals call for these tired mixes, and neither should you.

          1. i forgot to mention Houston's. Please do not get on me about it being a chain. They fresh squeeze the juice in front of you!! Order a mai tai there, it will not disappoint!

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              Yes! I love Houston's drinks - their fruit is always ripe and fresh. I've never been disappointed there!