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Sep 5, 2007 12:14 PM

Digital Scale hunting in Toronto

I just started the chef training program at the local college and I need to acquire a small digital scale that can weight up to about 3 kilos of ingridients and is both cheap and can be moved around with ease.

Does anyone know where I could find such a thing in Toronto for approx $50 or cheaper?


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    1. I bought one at Cayne's in Thornhill on Doncaster for my George Brown class. They have several varieties and are going to be cheaper then going to a dept store or Nella's, etc. If you can make the trip, it's worth it.

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      1. re: pescatarian

        I'm in the same boat although I could go a little higher than $50 - any recommendations on brands?

      2. If you want an accurate utility scale, try a hardware or office store (postal scale). Otherwise, Kitchen Stuff Plus should have a few options in your price range.

        1. Try xscargo - they have a scale that is cheap (about $20), with tare.
          Its likely refurb, and depends on the day if its in stock, but the costs
          cannot be beat.

          1. When I was shopping for one last year, Cayne's had the best selection and prices.

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            1. re: embee

              I saw three different styles of digital scales at HomeSense last week (the one by Sherway Gardens). They ranged from $24.99 to $29.99