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Digital Scale hunting in Toronto

I just started the chef training program at the local college and I need to acquire a small digital scale that can weight up to about 3 kilos of ingridients and is both cheap and can be moved around with ease.

Does anyone know where I could find such a thing in Toronto for approx $50 or cheaper?


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    1. I bought one at Cayne's in Thornhill on Doncaster for my George Brown class. They have several varieties and are going to be cheaper then going to a dept store or Nella's, etc. If you can make the trip, it's worth it.

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        I'm in the same boat although I could go a little higher than $50 - any recommendations on brands?

      2. If you want an accurate utility scale, try a hardware or office store (postal scale). Otherwise, Kitchen Stuff Plus should have a few options in your price range.

        1. Try xscargo - they have a scale that is cheap (about $20), with tare.
          Its likely refurb, and depends on the day if its in stock, but the costs
          cannot be beat.

          1. When I was shopping for one last year, Cayne's had the best selection and prices.

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              I saw three different styles of digital scales at HomeSense last week (the one by Sherway Gardens). They ranged from $24.99 to $29.99

            2. Ah, I had to get my digital scale for pastry class at George Brown. It is indispensable now. I got it on sale at Homeoutfitters for about $50. This is the scale I have which is nice and compact but a bit hard to clean.


              1. I second Cayne's and HomeOutiftters. But also throw in Golda's Kitchen in Mississauga's Heartland Shopping(Mavis/401) area. They have online shopping if a trip to the west end is not for you.


                1. Bought my Soehnle Bretagne (5kg by 1g increments, or lbs by 0.05 oz) from Hedonics several years ago, not sure they still carry them. Also try canadianweigh.com for large selection scales mailorder.

                  1. I bought a Starfrit scale, with tare, at Zellers, just $16, but I had to supply a 9 v. battery. It works well, and measures up to 11 lb.
                    Using weight rather than cup volume is indispensable for bread and baking.

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                      I just bought the starfrit digital scale at the bay (something like $40 - pretty sure its the same one ass jayt90 - d'oh!) and it is very reliable for home baking and very easy to move around... We bought the one without the bowl.