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Lack of Kosher Yogurt

Over the past few years Dannon, Breyers, Yoplait, (possibly Columbo) have dropped their reliable hashgachas. What is left is store brands, La Yogurt, and the cholev Israel companies.

What's the best yogurt out there now with a recognized supervision/hashgacha. Also why are the major manufactureres changing their ingredients and losing supervision? Thanks.

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  1. Similarly, are there any kosher brands of European style yogurt? Related to my quest for olives, I'm trying to find yogurt with which to make tzatziki.

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      Romi's Farm Products (100 E. Railway Ave., Paterson, NJ 973-523-2001) makes kosher yougurt and leben under O-U supervision. (Note: per the plant they only use kosher rennets, but not all the products have hasgacha ) Would possibly be the kind of yougurt that youd need for tzatziki to be done right. Let us know.

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        Stonyfield Farms is probably the best out there, imo.

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        Try Trader Joe's brand "greek style",the last time I purchased it was late November 2008.
        At that time it qualified

      3. I mostly buy Stonyfield Farms, which is under the OU.

        I am now completely blanking on the name of the Greek-style yoghurt with chof-K that my local grocery store (in Manhattan) briefly stocked. I know it exists, or at least one did six months ago.

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          Anybody know if Fage yogurt, usually at Trader Joe's and other places, is kosher?

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            I think it is, but I cannot confirm it online. I think that's the brand that Gila is referring to.

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              I believe that Trader Joe's own brand of yogurt is pretty good...

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                  I believe Trader Joe's yogurt is private label Stonyfield Farms. That's why it is so good.

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                  No, I haven't seen a hechsher on Fage yoghurt, and have never bought it. There was another brand, with a Greek-style typeface for its name, which came in plain, pomegranite, and fig flavors.

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                  No, Fage does not have a hechsher. My DH checked yesterday during his weekly TJ's foray.

                  We buy Stoneyfield Farms as our regular yogurt. Pretty good, but I miss Dannon.
                  Axelrod is, I believe, a New Jersey dairy, and is not available outside the metro area. I could be wrong.

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                    Stonyfield Farms came out with a new competitor to Fage yogurt called Oikos, in containers similar to Fage. I haven't checked to see if it's certified also, but perhaps it is. Thank you.


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                      I'd be surprised if Oikos didn't get a hechscher. SF has been pretty loud and proud about its OU relationship and the owners are Jewish, fwiw.

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                        I have an inquiry pending but it is woth noting that the Oikos yougurt are identified as SF products in their website and the SF website has a special page which states all their products are OU D. See, http://www.stonyfield.com/OurProducts/ and http://www.stonyfield.com/OurProducts...

                        Hence Id think it extends here too. Ill post again when I get a reply or when I actually see the stuff in the store. It looks like Whole Foods is a retailer

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                          I saw Oikos with a hashgacha on it last night at Shoprite.

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                            SF sent a reply email that the Oikos is Kosher. Then I saw the product in the Whole Foods department as well. It bore the Hasgacha mark.

                            That said, the only had Vanilla flavor in stock and I didnt buy it yet so I cant comment on the quality. Incidently, it is currently on sale for (I believe) $1.89 for the smaller container. (which is on par with the Fage brand imported from Greece.)

                  2. Not sure if it is widely recognized, but I've been eating wholesoy & co which is certified by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco.


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                      If you check out whole foods, they have a huge selection of kosher yogurt.

                    2. As another poster said, Axelrod, which I guess is a major brand, is kosher. Since Brachs in the 5 towns carries it (and many times on sale), I assume that the hecher is reliable. It is also non fat with 90 calories.

                      1. Krinos yogurt is OUD -- good, thick Greek yogurt.
                        Some flavors of Dannon is still OUD. The blended stuff is kosher - ie, not the fruit on bottom kind.
                        I bought the plain, pomegranate and fig kinds of Greek yogurt recently - forget the name but it is in that "Greek" font. It is not really for eating plain - it has 17g fat in 6 oz, and it's very thick and buttery IMO.
                        I really like the new Rachel's brand, with flavors like honey plum lavender, green tea, jasmine etc.
                        The best of the cholov yisroel crowd is J&J.

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                          Just got this from the OU today

                          Newly Certified
                          September 06, 2007
                          Agro-Farma, Inc.
                          New Berlin, NY
                          Brand: Chobani
                          Product(s): Greek Yogurt 10% Original-Plain OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Blueberry OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Peach OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Strawberry OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Vanilla OUD

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                            I just purchased one of each flavor of Rachel's yogurts at Fairway. It's one of the best yogurts I have tried in quite awhile. Stonyfield is also a very good choice.
                            Krinos yogurt is delicious, but I bought it only to taste, since, as you mentioned, the fat content is prohibitive.
                            Mehadrin yogurts are just as good as the J & J, especially the strong coffee flavor.

                          2. I really like the Brown Cow brand of yogurt. They have a really good Maple yogurt. Alot of their yogurts are whole milk based and delicious.

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                            1. re: hindyg

                              Sorry if this is OT, but you could always make your own...
                              Easiest way is to buy a $20 yogurt-maker.

                              1. re: bellywizard

                                Back when stoves had pilot lights you didn't even need the special equipment.
                                Possible explanation as to why they're dropping the kosher designation--a read of ingredients would indicate that to make their yogurts custard-like, a lot are adding gelatin.

                                1. re: JanetG

                                  Usually for Swiss style yogurt gelatin is added. Some say kosher gelatin, but I'd consult with an expert regarding that matter.

                            2. Silk Soy Yogurt is supervised by the OU.

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                              1. re: whitewater

                                And nasty! how can anyone eat that stuff?
                                And what's the point of eating soy yogurt if it's just going to be OUD anyway? At least if it was parve, we could use it to make tandoori chicken.

                                1. re: rachelb99

                                  My suggestion is call up the OU. This product used to be certified by the Vaad of Denver with DE. OU doesn't use the DE designation.

                                  In any case, for those that have dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, it's once of the decent options out there.

                                  1. re: whitewater

                                    Well, even if it's DE, that won't help on the tandoori chicken front.

                              2. Here is my Cheap Healthy OU Kosher solution:

                                Buy Friendship Plain Yogurt 32oz $2.20ea
                                Buy Polaner Sugar Free Preserves 13.5oz $2.80ea
                                then combine them any way you like.

                                People don't realize the fruit syrup at the
                                bottom of most Yogurts are sugary poison.
                                So you are much better off doing it my way.

                                That 13oz of Jam can flavor 320oz of Yogurt
                                so that's around 42x 8oz cups of fruit Yogurt
                                netting out to under .65¢ per cup!

                                It's also good for the environment since you
                                just threw out 30 fewer plastic containers.

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                                1. re: Joe Berger

                                  Way back when, my thrifty Mom would buy only vanilla Dannon yogurt, and we would add a spoonful of our favorite jelly. No problems with running out of the wrong variety. Personally, I love to add fresh fruit, especially in the summer.

                                  1. re: Joe Berger

                                    I stir in a few spoonfuls of chocolaty Ovaltine. Yum

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                                      I buy plain, fat free Stoneyfield yogurt and add honey.

                                    2. On a recent road trip, I found a line of OU yogurts called Upstate Farms. Quite good, but you might have to go to Upstate New York to find it. I was outside of Rochester.

                                      1. this yogurt thing is getting to be a problem.

                                        the dannons coffee and vanilla are still kosher. the cranberry was but i never see it.

                                        brown cow is terrific. too bad most supermarkets dont carry it

                                        yofarms is still kosher.

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                                        1. re: kafka

                                          Let us not forget Axelrod, they have a 90 calorie fat-free yougurt that can be bought for around $.50 each on sale (at least here at Brachs and sometimes at Gourmet Glatt).

                                        2. Wegman's store brand has plenty of varieties that are Kosher, great tasting and low priced. IMHO, Stoneyfield is the best Kosher yogurt out there. Whole Foods has a great selection.

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                                          1. re: justjoshing

                                            We started buying Rachel's (at Whole Foods), and really like it. The flavors are much more interesting than the other brands. OU hechsher

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                                              There is no yogurt on the market that makes a sweetened yogurt without corn syrup, as good as Rachel's. The flavors are unusual and really delicious.

                                          2. There is a Canadian yogurt brand called Liberte (Liberty in English) that is not only kosher, but is the best yogurt I have ever eaten (kosher or not). A related company, Western Creamery, also makes kosher yougrt that is very good, though not as good as the Liberte brand. They now have at least some US distribution

                                            The hashgachas for these brands are from COR and MK, depending on the product. Unless you have very specific supervisory requirements, COR and MK are as reliable as it gets.

                                            Since I don't want to lead anyone astray, note that I learned just today that they are now producing some product in the US. You might want to contact their US location at www.liberteus.com to verify the product status. However, the products made in the Montreal and Toronto areas are definitely kosher (though not Cholov Yisroael).

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                                            1. re: embee

                                              whole foods markets in los angeles are carrying liberte now.

                                              1. re: embee

                                                I found this yogurt over the weekend--but there was NO hechsher on it--was I missing something? Did I pick up the wrong product? Thanks!

                                                1. re: noya

                                                  When I've seen Liberte yogurt, some flavors have a hashgacha, and some don't - you might have looked at a non-hechshered line.

                                                  1. re: noya

                                                    Liberte and its subsidiary, Western, have Jewish origins and have always been kosher. Until very recently (by which I mean as recently as late 2007), the websites for both companies stated unequivocally that "all products are kosher".

                                                    I just checked the respective websites and note that they have been drastically redesigned in recent months. The word "kosher" no longer appears on either one. This could be an oversight, since the information seems to have been produced by an ad agency or other marketing firm. However, it could mean a drastic change in the company's direction. I am not personally kosher, and use these products because they are wonderful to eat. However, I grew up in a strictly kosher home and have many observant friends, so I don't want to mislead. Every Liberte and Western product in our fridge (there are nine at the moment) is stamped MK or COR.

                                                    The COR website at http://www.cor.ca/en/21822?pr_view=0# lists all of the Western products that they currently certify.

                                                    MK's website is more difficult to navigate and comprehend, but they list "Liberty Cheese 514-875-3992" as kosher and provide the following link:


                                                    I have emailed the company to request more specific info about any planned changes, and about the kosher status of products produced in the US.

                                                    1. re: embee

                                                      It seems that MK has been increasing the rigour of their certification procedure, and no longer considers every Liberte product kosher. I assume from the context that the main problems are with added flavouring ingredients in the "standard" lines and with some kind of processing issue for the organics. I hope they get this cleared up, since Liberte yogurt is fabulous stuff.

                                                      Here is the official answer from Liberte:

                                                      "We would like to assure you that nothing has been changed in our recipe, but according to Montréal Kosher, some of our yogourts such as: plum and walnut, mocha, lemon, hazelnut, dulce de leche, coconut, apple pie, marzipan/orange, the 6 grains line, organic kids yogourts such as: prunopomme, vanane and our drinking organic yogourts, and also our organnic milk and our goat products are not kosher. We are aware of this situation and eventually, we will try to come back Kosher. We will transfer your e-mail to the Western plant."

                                                      I'll post the info from Western on receipt. Since Western doesn't make many flavoured or organic products, there will likely be fewer such issues.

                                                      Note that Western makes the best sour cream I have ever eaten (30% BF, unfortunately) as well as extremely good cream cheese and yogurt.

                                                      1. re: embee

                                                        Thanks for the update, embee

                                                2. theres a new brand, rachels', with hashgacha, with interesting flavors, and it happens to be on sale at waldbaums this week

                                                  i havent had ti yet, but i bought some on the recommendation of a friend who loved them

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                                                      The yogurt is delicious, be be careful with the dates. Last time I bought them from Fairway all of the yogurts went bad before the sell-by date.

                                                  1. I have been a staunch patron of Stoneyfield Plain Organic for a long time, but it is pricey at almost $4/tub. Yesterday I found a new product at Whole Foods - their 365 private label organic yogurt. It was $2.99 tub, OU certified. I will let you know what the kids think after Shabbat, G-d willing. (I don't eat yogurt) FYI - it's really important to buy as much of your dairy organic as possible - even if you are not big into organics, conventional dairy products are not recommended for anyone with small children due to the hormones. Best, Rebecca

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                                                    1. try Chobani for greek style. Also, I hear that Sabra is trying to import some

                                                      1. sorry, got cut off...
                                                        I heard that Sabra is trying to import some Strauss dairy products from Israel. Let's see.

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                                                          I have heard that you can make your own greek-style yogurt by buying regular brand and storing it on its side for a few days and letting the liquid drain out. Easy way to get the thicker creamier stuff.......

                                                          1. re: EvanM

                                                            I like Chobani alot, and it just started appearing in my area.

                                                        2. As of today, most of the products made by Liberte, in Canada, are kosher with an MK hashgacha. This includes their organic product lines. There are a very few exceptions that do not have the hashgacha due to specific flavouring ingredients. Everything made by Western Creamery, a Liberte subsidiary, is kosher (COR hashgacha).

                                                          Liberte products are imported into the US. These are some of the best yogurts you will ever eat, available with butterfat content ranging from 0% to 10%. There are many different flavours. These are the real thing, with live cultures and no additives. The website is www.liberte.qc.ca

                                                          I have written to Liberte about the kosher status of Liberte products that are manufactured in the US.

                                                          The Stonyfield yogurts current on supermarket shelves in Toronto are NOT kosher.

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                                                            Liberte has advised that the following products manufactured in the US are kosher:

                                                            - Mediterranee 6oz. Strawberry Yogurt
                                                            - Mediterranee 6oz. Peach & Passion Fruit Yogurt
                                                            - Mediterranee 6oz. Wild Blackberry Yogurt
                                                            - Plain 6oz. 2% Yogurt
                                                            - Plain 27oz. Yogurt
                                                            - Organic 6oz. Strawberry Yogurt
                                                            - Organic 6oz. Vanilla Yogurt
                                                            - Organic 6oz. Raspberry Yogurt
                                                            - Organic 27oz. Plain Yogurt

                                                            (They did not specify the hashgacha.)