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Sep 5, 2007 11:03 AM

Lack of Kosher Yogurt

Over the past few years Dannon, Breyers, Yoplait, (possibly Columbo) have dropped their reliable hashgachas. What is left is store brands, La Yogurt, and the cholev Israel companies.

What's the best yogurt out there now with a recognized supervision/hashgacha. Also why are the major manufactureres changing their ingredients and losing supervision? Thanks.

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  1. Similarly, are there any kosher brands of European style yogurt? Related to my quest for olives, I'm trying to find yogurt with which to make tzatziki.

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    1. re: craigcep

      Romi's Farm Products (100 E. Railway Ave., Paterson, NJ 973-523-2001) makes kosher yougurt and leben under O-U supervision. (Note: per the plant they only use kosher rennets, but not all the products have hasgacha ) Would possibly be the kind of yougurt that youd need for tzatziki to be done right. Let us know.

      1. re: Marcharlan

        Stonyfield Farms is probably the best out there, imo.

      2. re: craigcep

        Try Trader Joe's brand "greek style",the last time I purchased it was late November 2008.
        At that time it qualified

      3. I mostly buy Stonyfield Farms, which is under the OU.

        I am now completely blanking on the name of the Greek-style yoghurt with chof-K that my local grocery store (in Manhattan) briefly stocked. I know it exists, or at least one did six months ago.

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        1. re: GilaB

          Anybody know if Fage yogurt, usually at Trader Joe's and other places, is kosher?

          1. re: markabauman

            I think it is, but I cannot confirm it online. I think that's the brand that Gila is referring to.

            1. re: DeisCane

              I believe that Trader Joe's own brand of yogurt is pretty good...

                1. re: Himishgal

                  I believe Trader Joe's yogurt is private label Stonyfield Farms. That's why it is so good.

                2. re: DeisCane

                  No, I haven't seen a hechsher on Fage yoghurt, and have never bought it. There was another brand, with a Greek-style typeface for its name, which came in plain, pomegranite, and fig flavors.

                3. re: markabauman

                  No, Fage does not have a hechsher. My DH checked yesterday during his weekly TJ's foray.

                  We buy Stoneyfield Farms as our regular yogurt. Pretty good, but I miss Dannon.
                  Axelrod is, I believe, a New Jersey dairy, and is not available outside the metro area. I could be wrong.

                  1. re: p.j.

                    Stonyfield Farms came out with a new competitor to Fage yogurt called Oikos, in containers similar to Fage. I haven't checked to see if it's certified also, but perhaps it is. Thank you.


                    1. re: Bride of the Juggler

                      I'd be surprised if Oikos didn't get a hechscher. SF has been pretty loud and proud about its OU relationship and the owners are Jewish, fwiw.

                      1. re: DeisCane

                        I have an inquiry pending but it is woth noting that the Oikos yougurt are identified as SF products in their website and the SF website has a special page which states all their products are OU D. See, and

                        Hence Id think it extends here too. Ill post again when I get a reply or when I actually see the stuff in the store. It looks like Whole Foods is a retailer

                        1. re: Marcharlan

                          I saw Oikos with a hashgacha on it last night at Shoprite.

                          1. re: Marcharlan

                            SF sent a reply email that the Oikos is Kosher. Then I saw the product in the Whole Foods department as well. It bore the Hasgacha mark.

                            That said, the only had Vanilla flavor in stock and I didnt buy it yet so I cant comment on the quality. Incidently, it is currently on sale for (I believe) $1.89 for the smaller container. (which is on par with the Fage brand imported from Greece.)

                  2. Not sure if it is widely recognized, but I've been eating wholesoy & co which is certified by the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco.


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                    1. re: cherylp3

                      If you check out whole foods, they have a huge selection of kosher yogurt.

                    2. As another poster said, Axelrod, which I guess is a major brand, is kosher. Since Brachs in the 5 towns carries it (and many times on sale), I assume that the hecher is reliable. It is also non fat with 90 calories.

                      1. Krinos yogurt is OUD -- good, thick Greek yogurt.
                        Some flavors of Dannon is still OUD. The blended stuff is kosher - ie, not the fruit on bottom kind.
                        I bought the plain, pomegranate and fig kinds of Greek yogurt recently - forget the name but it is in that "Greek" font. It is not really for eating plain - it has 17g fat in 6 oz, and it's very thick and buttery IMO.
                        I really like the new Rachel's brand, with flavors like honey plum lavender, green tea, jasmine etc.
                        The best of the cholov yisroel crowd is J&J.

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                        1. re: rachelb99

                          Just got this from the OU today

                          Newly Certified
                          September 06, 2007
                          Agro-Farma, Inc.
                          New Berlin, NY
                          Brand: Chobani
                          Product(s): Greek Yogurt 10% Original-Plain OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Blueberry OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Peach OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Strawberry OUD
                          Greek Yogurt Non-Fat-Vanilla OUD

                          1. re: rachelb99

                            I just purchased one of each flavor of Rachel's yogurts at Fairway. It's one of the best yogurts I have tried in quite awhile. Stonyfield is also a very good choice.
                            Krinos yogurt is delicious, but I bought it only to taste, since, as you mentioned, the fat content is prohibitive.
                            Mehadrin yogurts are just as good as the J & J, especially the strong coffee flavor.