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Sep 5, 2007 10:46 AM

Reasonable Packed Lunch Ideas

I am trying to compile recipe ideas for lunches that I can pack and take to work. I work long hours at a marketing firm and often do not have time to get out of the office for lunch. Another glitch...I often do not have the energy to make elaborate menus to bring in. Simple, healthy ideas are appreciated! Please note that we have a refrigerator and toaster, but no oven!
Thank you in advance for your responses!

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  1. I pack my lunch everyday and some of these things might seem mundane, but I pack some good leftovers from dinner, some ok running out the door grab stuff and some wow I took a quick shower I can pack my lunch stuff:

    A pesto, cheese tortellini, green and red pepper, peas and olives pasta salad is so yummy and keeps well in the fridge. But it is a think ahead kind of thing.

    I also love pita sand with ham and brie and some lettuce.

    Also toasted pita, hummus, carrots and etc.. I like to pop the pita in the toaster so it is warm.

    What about a waldorf chicken salad?

    Antipasta salads are good for this too.

    I always have low cal yogurt, cans of pop the top soup, fruit, low cal granola bars, and oatmeal that I can grab any number of at the last minute.

    Also if you get chicken shortucts you could make like a grilled chicken wrap pretty easily with any number of things: ceaser salad stuff, southwestern (corn, black beans avacado), etc.

    I will try to think of other things I make, but a lot of times it is just yogurt, fruit and granola for me.

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      I was thinking (bored not much else to do) if there is a middle eastern market nearby they have lots of good cold veggie/salad types of things. Cous-cous and other things mixed in.

      Also I will make a big thing of fajitas some night when I have time then make leftover wraps.

      Maybe also if you have a microwave maybe like a microwave bowl of chili and some tortilla chips.

      If you don't have a microwave you should lobby for one they are so cheap and help a lot. Then you can bring in lots of microwaveable stuff.

      Also you could take some beef (leftover cooked from a steak or etc. if you cook a lot of lamb you could do that) and lettuce and greek yogurt and some feta toast your pita till it is pretty hot then put the beef cheese and stuff on and wrap so that it heats the meat a little.

      Sorry it is a little pita heavy, but toasting that then wrapping stuff in it can help warm stuff you can't toast.

      It isn't a toaster oven is it? That would help you can make all sort of stuff with that.

      You might also be able to do like a english muffin, or bagel pizza they might get hot enough to warm sauce, but I doubt to melt the cheese. Although I try to avoid bagels they have soooo many calories.

    2. A few ideas:
      A tub of dip with chips, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes.
      Crackers with cheese and pepperoni slices.
      Sandwiches on bread, pita or tortilla wrap -- I like turkey with cranberry sauce, and cheese with roasted red peppers.
      Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
      Shrimp with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce.
      Egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad, macaroni salad.
      Pasta salad with veggies and cheese.
      A plastic tub filled with green salad fixings of your choice, and a separate cup of dressing.
      A thermos filled with heated-at-home soup or chili.
      Fresh or dried fruit.
      Rice pudding.

      1. With a toaster, you've got the world at your feet...

        Baked Potato can be crisped up if parboiled or microwaved the night before... bring whatever condiments you like... broccoli, cheese, chicken, salsa, etc.

        Tortillas and cheese (whole wheat and low fat) for quesadillas

        Scooped whole wheat bagel toasted w/ or w/o cheese filled with cottage cheese and salsa

        Bean, lentil, grain salads are easy to make large batches of on the weekends, then just vary the dressings you add on a particular day

        Slice polenta rounds toasted and topped with roasted veggies

        Ratatouille w/ rotisserie chicken

        Bento boxes of protein + veggies + starch + fruit

        Total yogurt mixed w/ a high fiber cereal

        Pita toasted and stuffed w/ cottage cheese and salsa

        Egg white frittata w/ veggies ( room temp or toasted) or egg white crustless quiche

        Turkey Meatballs (TJ's)

        Fruit Salad w/ Skim Cheeses

        1. Thanks for all the ideas! Why did I forget about the joy of a baked potato?!