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Sep 5, 2007 10:42 AM

Tacos South Austin?

opinions on carts and stands on south congress/ben white?
how about the one i see on sunday on oltorf by the railroad tracks at ace hardware?
s. lamar?
does MPH have one comprehensive list of all?

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  1. I love the al pastor @alpastor next to the RR tracks S of Ben White.(after 8pm) The barbocoa @ Chilangos is moist and fatty. And that is on the corner of Stassney and Congress(I believe) and right next to the Benjamin Moore Paint Store. I was looking for 2 t'day just north of Slaughter that have been there a while but were no longer.

    1. Hi Williemac,

      I do have a comprehensive list, but the south side, west of I-35, is outside my current field of operation. However, did you see these threads?

      I thought they might help get you started. If you find something good on your own, just by chowhounding around, please let us know.