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Sep 5, 2007 09:25 AM

A Full Plate Cafe

Has anyone ever been here? The menu looks promising but I don't remember ever reading anything about it...anywhere.


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  1. we went when it first opened, I think I got the chicken and waffles, don't recall what the husband got. Fried pickles were a neat idea, but not slices of pickle, rather whole little gherkins and not a lot of them. Something that came with my din came out freezing cold and I was not sure if this was just how they served it or it was a mistake (got a cold soup at North 3rd the week before, which I was also surprised at, so I thought maybe cold was the new hot and I had not gotten the memo) anyhow, I mentioned it in passing to our waiter and he was embarrassed that it was freezing cold- was it the cornbread? I think so.

    Anyhow, it was OK, but nothing to make us come back anytime soon.

    Though I have been reading about the cupcakes a few doors down, so maybe...?!

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      If a few doors down is Brown Betty's then definitely go. Though, be forewarned...the "good" cupcakes sell out early on the weekends. They open at 12:00pm and I've been there at 1:00pm only to find some of the flavors have sold out. If you have a particular flavor in mind you might even want to call ahead to see if it is there (I don't believe they'll hold it for you, though), as they don't have all flavors on all days. Everything is great though, so you could always try something you weren't planning on if your flavor of choice sells out.

      Thanks for the info about A Full Plate. I'm intrigued by the menu so I might still give it a whirl, but I definitely won't race there or anything.

      1. re: Laura D.

        yep! Brown Bettys! How could I forget another Betty-- thanks for the insiders scoop.

        AFPC was not really bad or anything, but not as memorable as I was hoping it would be. you know, when you go to a new place hoping it will be "the place" that you love and want to go back to all the time and tell your friends about? that is what I am always looking for and oft come out empty handed.

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      1. I've been pleasantly surprised...

        The fried pickles are whole gherkins, and fairly tasty, though I prefer slices. Similar cooking style with the fried okra--whole okra is fried; it's not cut up. Both were good, though admittedly not overwhelming. Okra wasn't in season at the time, though, which may have been part of the problem.

        I had the pulled pork sandwich, which was quite good--not "best bbq ever" good, but still quite good for a place that doesn't market itself as a bbq joint. Companion had the Chicken Divan kabobs, which he raved over.

        I'd say go there if you think the menu looks good, but don't expect to be over or under whelmed...

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        1. re: cussbucket

          i really want to love a full plate. the staff's nice, the place is cute. and i DO love their dinner & lunch food - the pierogies i am a little ashamed to say i prefer to anything i've had up in the polish neighborhood on allegheny ave. i also like the fried green tomato + moz salad, and you can't miss the iced tea with a mint sprig (perfect non-alcoholic summer drink).

          however northern liberties is full of brunching competition (and i don't quite mean honey's)... i've tried a full plate twice for brunch, but i can't go anywhere without missing my north third brunch (french toast or the omelettes) which my body has come to expect, like water. a full plate makes cute, creative things that aren't bad in any way... but i can make a better brunch at home. that sounds worse than it is. really, it is good. just not great.

          brown betty cupcakes are excellent. i picked up 2 doz when i was in a pinch to bring a dish to a party... turns out everyone brought desserts, but those cupcakes were the first things to go.

          oh, and there is a new mediterranean place called swallow opening up, across from the sushi place and across and a couple storefronts down from a full plate. i can't wait. i hope they have brunch. :)