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Sep 5, 2007 09:10 AM

Help! Need fabulous food in Marina del Rey/very close by.

I made a reservation for nine at Jer-ne at the Ritz Calton over a month ago for a group of very particular guests. I added one person and now they have to have a set menu, and sign a contract. I'm not sure that this group will go for a set menu so I need your help to
find another restaurant in the Marina area that is as good. It has to be in the area because the owner of the company lives close by and won't be inconvenienced by driving far.

HELP! Their reservation is next week.

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  1. First, in my opinion Jer-ne is totally over-rated. Been there twice and its just ok. Joe's on Abbot Kinney would be my first choice.

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    1. re: priscilla2

      Check if Joshua Gill is still in the kitchen at Joe's - he has been the exec chef for a couple years and I think will be gone soon.
      Cheers LAJay

    2. I think Joe's is a great rec. Other options might be Chinois on Main or Chaya Venice.

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        Cafe Del Rey just a couple doors down from Jer-Ne.

        1. re: tatertots

          I have found Cafe del Rey to be eminently easy to work with. They're flexible, capable, and honest.

          IMO, Joe's has the best food in the area, but Cafe del Rey might be easier to get into and their food is also very good.

          1. re: glutton

            I really like the Vietnamese duck spring rolls at Cafe del Rey, they're delicious.

          2. re: tatertots

            I like Cafe del Rey a lot.

            In Venice, I also like Beechwood, as well as Joe's.

            I miss Chloe.

            1. re: Emme

              Sorry to add to your Chloe woe but I just got an e-mail today that Christian Shaffer will be closing Avenue in about a month.

              1. re: New Trial

                No worries, Chistian Shaffer wasn't the talent behind the stoves at Chloe, it was Jeff Osaka.

            2. re: tatertots

              for a fancy dinner, i'd go with cafe del rey over joes.
              the setting is SO much nicer, ESPECIALLY for a large party.
              the service is better.
              the food, imho, is certainly as good.