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Sep 5, 2007 09:05 AM

my 22nd Birthday dinner: where to eat?

I am turning 22 and am inviting a few friends to dinner. My birthday falls on a Saturday night and i live in lincoln park/lakeview area but don't mind taking a cab out for GOOD FOOD, GREAT ATMOSTPHERE, and prerferably good MUSIC too if this is all possible.

i heard about Carnivale but I don't think they play music. I wouldn't mind going somewhere 'crazy' where there is more attraction to the eye....

I'd love any suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. Two of the "Latin fusion" places come to mind:

    Cuatro (South Loop) - www.cuatro-chicago.com
    DeLaCosta (River East) - www.delacostachicago.com

    1. Green Dolphin and The House of Blues are the only restaurants I can think of that specializes in live music- however based on your post, I don't think they would be the atmosphere you're looking for

      For a very lively "see and be seen" crowd I'd suggest Avec, Japonais or Sushi Samba

      Afterwards, head over to The Greenmill, Metro, Hothouse or Double Door for live music. Happy Birthday!

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        Since this is for a Saturday night, I would avoid Avec, due to its no-reservations policy; otherwise, you'll be waiting quite a long time to be seated.

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          Don't head over to Hothouse, because it's closed, but Buddy Guy's is down the block and they're still open for business. They serve decent Cajun cuisine in a blues club atmosphere, but if that's what you're looking for (i.e., blues club atmosphere), they've got plenty of it..

        2. thanks for the responses! keep em coming if you got any more :) thanks...

          1. i love going to dublin's for birthdays. you can get good beer, decent food, and there are always a lot of ppl there, and a young crowd. then, you are nearby a lot of bars for going out afterwards.

            1. I turned 22 this year also! And while it wasn't my first choice, I wound up going to Cozy Thai (in Evanston) but there is one in Chicago I believe near you, and it was a ton of fun! Their food is really good, well priced, and they have a fun ambiance. It's BYOB so it's relaxed too. Have a good birthday!