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Sep 5, 2007 08:51 AM

What's Good at La Hacienda in Somerville?

Pizza? Burgers? Steak tips? Anything else? I've been meaning to get there for ages now, and finally might have a chance over the next week or two.

P.S. I know I posted something similar two years ago, but I didn't want to bring that thread back from the dead...

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  1. I swung by there for the first time a few weeks ago. The pizza was good, basic garden salad was big, fresh, and came with plenty of the good stuff. Stuffed quahog was flavorless.

    1. I go to La Hacienda from time to time and it hasn't changed much since I was a kid, except that they no longer have sawdust on the floor. Pitchers of beer are a good appetizer and they still offer chablis on tap :-) I usually go for the pizza, which comes with a lot of toppings, but the large gets pretty floppy and soft in the center after a few minutes. If you want something more firm stick with the bar pizzas. The cheese isn't high quality, the crust doesn't stand out, but I still do like their pizzas. The steak tips had a lot more char flavor and were more consistent than East Side Bar & Grill (which along with Pugliese's, have a tastier marinade). Tips are done with basic BBQ sauce, but not quite as sweet nor tender as Floramo's. Stay away from the "baked stuff shrimp" which is a couple of sauted medium frozen shrimp, with browned bread crumbs thrown on top. When I was a kid a lot of folks went there for the Veal, although I haven't had it since (eggplant isn't bad and good on pizza) and would think of something like Greg's first. The burger has been on my list, but haven't tried it yet. Bar is a bit more comfortable than the booths. They are closed Sundays unless there is a function.

        1. have not been in a long time but tripe was pretty good there