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Sep 5, 2007 08:47 AM

930 Sushi - King W @ Strachan

I went to its predecessor Red Fuji Sushi since it was steps from my place, and was not very impressed, now re-opened about 2 weeks ago I am so happy to have to this tiny place (2 small tables for 2, so really a take out joint) close by. The Japanese Chef and his wife who run it are charming and very friendly. The fish is fresh (salmon sashimi reminiscent of butter fish) and generous, rolls not too heavy on the rice and they have given me little samples of items I have never tried before but will order in the future. While talking to him (sorry I don't know his name!) about why he opened his own place (he was working in Japan and then here under someone else here in TO) he said that he'd rather have a small place with less rent overhead and spend the money on higher quality food...sounds good to me!...And as if I wasn't sold already, my gf was in there last night and a few guys rolled in, friends of the Chef, one was introduced to her as a Chef from Lai Toh Heen (newly opened sister location on Mt Pleasant to Lai Wah Heen) she said he was very modest and he remarked that his friend here at 930 does sushi his own way but he does it properly. Lastly, service and attention is great too, when she tried to give up her seat to these guys since she was just waiting for takeout she was told to stay seated because she was the client and was the most important...

I hope some more CH's check this place out, I'd like to hear what you had and your thoughts...they are open 7 days a week and late, I think until around 11pm *sweet!*...located at 930 King W across from Shoppers Drug Mart just east of the Esso station...

*the only miss has been the sushi pizza, the deep fried rice cake was super hard, but I think it was a mistake, i showed up within 2 hours of them opening, I will try it again...

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  1. i know where i am grabbn dinner! thanks for the heads up. Sushi restos are always wait n see for me. Sushi pizza is not my thing the best of times, so I will avoid for sure.

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        Sorry, I left out that detail!...I'd say reasonable to cheap range, they have daily specials for lunch (and dinner I think) priced around $9, I had salmon sashimi (4 or 5 pieces) was $5.50 I think, elaborate Dragon roll like things the girl gets are $9ish...we'd spend around $25 for 2, take out with no drinks...

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          thanks for the deets. definitely gonna check it out now. being in the hood myself as well.

      2. thanks for posting!... i've been curious about that place as i live in the 'hood. it's exciting to know there's good food on the looong empty stretch between bathurst and dufferin

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          My office is close by so I went for lunch today. Thanks for the tip.

          Got the sushi lunch special C. 4 nigiri sushi and 6pc California roll for $11.50 including tax. Fish was super fresh and overall quality was excellent. It is not in the "cheap" (e.g sushi on bloor) category, but when it comes to sushi, I don't mind paying for quality.

          1. re: acd123

            ..sorry if I miss led on pricing!...glad you liked it though...

        2. My office is close by and I've been twice, which puts me in the minority here, everyone else is going two or three times a week. The freshness of the fish is somewhat amazing - chef mentioned he likes to shop for it every day as opposed to shipments every few days. If you're in the hood, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Great people, great product, what's not to like?

          PS - they now do Bento box lunches

          1. Tried the Maki set along with a spider roll to share with a friend for lunch. The sushi fish really was fresh and served at the perfect temperature - delicious. There was a problem with the rice though. It was starchy and gummy and reminiscent of sushi from the corner store. The sushi chef noticed that in order to finish our meal we were removing the rice - it was that bad. He was just beginning to make the spider roll so he asked if there was too much rice for my liking. I responded honestly that the ratio was actually perfect, but the rice was mushy and sticky. He agreed and said that he must be very careful to avoid that. He apologized and put very little rice in the spider roll in an effort to make it 'lighter'. It was a good sized crab for 10.00 but too much cucumber for my liking. As we were leaving he gave us 4 pieces of sashimi - a very tasty and tender fish flown in from Japan - I don't know the name. He said he hopes we come back as he is very new and wants another chance. Great attitude! We will be back for sure - hoping for the best.

            Because of the rice it was a FAR cry from Japango and not as good as New Gen.