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Sep 5, 2007 07:55 AM

German deli recommendations in Orange County

We're hosting a party next month, and it being October, we need to find some good german food (bratwurst, german potato salad, sauerkraut).

I'm looking for a good german deli, preferably in South Orange County, but am willing to drive.

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  1. You must go here :-)

    Mattern Sausage and Meat, east of the 55 (about a mile or so, on the left hand side) on Chapman Ave in Orange. Well worth your drive ! I love the spicy hungarian-style sausages, they're great on the grill, but everything they make here is really good. Be sure and get some of that great German Senf (mustard) in the tubes. They're in the cold case, along with the beer...

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      I second Mattern's. My family goes there all the time for the best bratwurst in the area!

    2. Why the Continental Deli in La Habra, of course. They have great dine in and take out options. Everyone there (including a lot of the customers) speaks German. See pics at...

      1. I wonder if there's some in the Old World area of Huntington Beach?

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        1. re: brekkie_fan

          There is - 1 more grocery store type place & 1 deli - I never thought either was all that great, but it's better than nothing if it's close & you don;t feel like driving to one of the better ones.

          There's also the Globe Deli on Harbor in Costa Mesa, which is ok too.

          1. re: torta basilica

            Globe buys their Sausages from Mattern Sausage Co in Orange on E. Chapman across from Moreno's Mexican Restaurant (best Beef Hard Shell Taco and Ch or Chix Enchiladas)