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Sep 5, 2007 07:54 AM

Eating and Drinking Austin From South to North

I'm organizing a tour of local drinking and dining establishments on the southern side of the Colorado River.
A proper group of dandified Southern gentlemen and myself will be navigating along in vehicles of European origin.Designated drivers will be along for the journey imbibing of nothing stronger than the occasional sarsaparilla or lemonade[hopefully freshly squeezed].
It would be a most lovely evening to start at GiddyUps on Manchaca where the bar owner often has a crockpot of delicious food available for her patrons.Perhaps wending our way north and eventually ending up at Lovejoys[they of the delicious beef jerky and vessels of toasted nuts which make a delicious,food-al counterpart to the libations].
We are all proper gents who enjoy a civilized evening on the town...a bit foppish even so let's make sure the suggestions are of genteel origin.

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  1. I suppose this is the thread i replyed to earlier...genteel origin?

    Sam's Town Point
    2115 Allred Dr, Austin, TX
    (512) 282-0083

    This is a great little place with a juke and some live music...a little hard to find Allred is just a little bit west of the SW corner of slaughter and manchaca...

    1. The original comment has been removed